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CNBC Awaaz SmartCityJaipur

CNBC Awaaz Smart Cities of India: How Jaipur can be the next Smart City of India?

CNBC Awaaz Smart Cities of India – Jaipur Edition took place on 30th June 2018 where a panel of specialists discussed about the way in which information technology is contributing in making Jaipur a Smart City of India. What exactly a Smart City is? There is no universal definition of a Smart City. Each city 

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Develop-POS APP

How POS helps you to accelerate your business growth in 2018

Are you an entrepreneur or individual looking to achieve business growth? This article is for you. Believe me, your 3 mins reading will help you in streamline your day to day business transactions. With the massive transition to transactions, people are no longer interested in standing in the ques just because of a cashier is calculating 

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Would you Like to Develop your Own Bitcoin Wallet App ?

The Bitcoin is no longer associated with Darknet and SilkRoad, and there are more and more opportunities for earning from this Cryptocurrency. In this article, we’ll list the ways to earn Bitcoins, the tools for managing Cryptocurrencies. Moreover, we’ll try to predict the future of this Cryptocurrency. The prospects of Bitcoin’s Cryptocurrency are highly valued 

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From Farm to Fridge: How IoT Can Revolutionize Agriculture & Farming

From Farm to Fridge: How IoT Can Revolutionize Agriculture & Farming?

For a long time, agriculture hasn’t been a business attractive to investors, due to many reasons: the long production cycle, large losses during cultivation, collection and storage of the crop. The main was the impossibility of automation of the biological processes and the lack of progress in increasing productivity and innovation. The use of IT 

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Diwali Conversions Wali

Avoid Problems That Stops User to Become Customer – Increase Conversions

The whole team of your company is working day and night, but still, you can’t observe any rise in sales? Ask yourself whether you have chosen the right way to serve the clients. It’s not a huge mystery all of us are becoming customers from time to time. Why not use the knowledge and experience 

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streamline project management

How to streamline team collaboration with Jira and GitHub automation using

Team management is one of the key elements of any modern workplace. Virtual collaboration of a team can happen from anywhere, which can make coordination even harder. It’s important to adopt modern work culture and technologies to help share work and solve issues. This isn’t always easy. When syncing updates between tools like Jira, Github, 

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