Ask-Motabhai BSE chatbot

Ask Motabhai – All You Need to Know about BSE’s Chatbot

Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) recently launched AI-powered chatbot named ‘Ask Motabhai’ to provide customized, on-demand information to the visitors of the BSE’s official website. Advanced technologies are spreading everywhere and no one is untouched by the benefits that implementation of technology provides in our day to day life. Technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of 

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What Chatbot can do for your business?

Do you know that the number of instant messaging users is constantly increasing? According to GlobalWebIndex, 75% of Internet users have already migrated there from different social networks. In addition, 53% of people prefer to buy or receive consultation via messages. This explains the rising popularity of Chatbots. Only in Facebook Messenger, there are more 

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