Digital Marketing
10 marketing lessons from Apple

10 marketing lessons from Apple – How to create a brand that millions will be dreaming of?

The company is among of the leaders in the modern IT industry. Nowadays the brand is recognized as one of the most successful in the world with the annual revenue totalled $229 billion for 2017[1]. Unlike most companies, its approach to marketing strategy is based on a different mindset that works out amazingly good. Let’s 

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Digital Marketing Budget

Why You Should have a Digital Marketing Budget This Year

You spend hundreds of dollars on marketing but the results aren’t just satisfying. There may be times when you feel that marketing spends graph is going up while the ROI is sliding down. There could be numerous reasons for it including, incorrect target audience, not-so-effective advertisement and others. If you think that just by increasing 

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What is Online Reputation Management - ORM

Want to Increase Online Sales? Build Your Brand’s Reputation First

Build Brand’s Online Reputation: “Google yourself. What do you see? Are you represented fairly?” What do you mean by Brand ORM (Online Reputation Management)? Online reputation management is a marketing technique of building strategies that shape or influence the user’s perception of an organization or individual. ORM helps drive strong faith and trust about a 

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