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How Digital Technologies can spur Indian Bureaucracy

A heap of digital initiatives like e-payments, e-health, and digital literacy is expected to improve governance in India. India is a country that has navigated its way through some very tough times and hurdles. The navigation was sometimes slow, often fast, but the country always moved in the forward direction. Since 2014, many different policies 

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How Blockchain Tech can stop Future “Nirav Modis”

There are two absolutely polar opinions on the blockchain. The first is that blockchain will significantly save the resources for banks and it’s a panacea for all sorts of cyber threats. The second, absolutely opposite one is that this technology is just one of the possible solution and in general quite doubtful. Nevertheless, not long 

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Would you Like to Develop your Own Bitcoin Wallet App ?

The Bitcoin is no longer associated with Darknet and SilkRoad, and there are more and more opportunities for earning from this Cryptocurrency. In this article, we’ll list the ways to earn Bitcoins, the tools for managing Cryptocurrencies. Moreover, we’ll try to predict the future of this Cryptocurrency. The prospects of Bitcoin’s Cryptocurrency are highly valued 

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Google Poly - Library of 3D Models for VR & AR Projects

Google introduced a free library of 3D models for VR- and AR-projects

Google launched a new project Poly – a platform for searching and sharing 3D objects for development in augmented and virtual reality. The repository is designed to support ARCore Augmented Reality platforms from Google or ARKit from Apple. Models are directly imported for editing in the VR environment. In this case, developers will be able 

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Google Warns Make the Privacy Policy Addition Before March 15-1

Apps could soon be purged from Play Store After 15 March

Purge that’s undoubtedly coming in Play Store. Bad News for play store Spammers. As reported by The Next Web Google reveals its plan to penalize google play store apps which do not have valid privacy policies. According to Google Play store Guideline user data policy, App publishers must have “transparent” in how they collect and 

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