How Digital Technologies can spur Indian Bureaucracy

A heap of digital initiatives like e-payments, e-health, and digital literacy is expected to improve governance in India. India is a country that has navigated its way through some very tough times and hurdles. The navigation was sometimes slow, often fast, but the country always moved in the forward direction. Since 2014, many different policies 

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Ask-Motabhai BSE chatbot

Ask Motabhai – All You Need to Know about BSE’s Chatbot

Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) recently launched AI-powered chatbot named ‘Ask Motabhai’ to provide customized, on-demand information to the visitors of the BSE’s official website. Advanced technologies are spreading everywhere and no one is untouched by the benefits that implementation of technology provides in our day to day life. Technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of 

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CNBC Awaaz SmartCityJaipur

CNBC Awaaz Smart Cities of India: How Jaipur can be the next Smart City of India?

CNBC Awaaz Smart Cities of India – Jaipur Edition took place on 30th June 2018 where a panel of specialists discussed about the way in which information technology is contributing in making Jaipur a Smart City of India. What exactly a Smart City is? There is no universal definition of a Smart City. Each city 

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Hire Expert React Native Developers in India from WeDigTech

WeDigTech, a mobile app development company based in India, is building a team of experienced React Native Developers to provide the best mobile app development solutions. The mobile app market is growing at a non-stop rate and it doesn’t seem to slow down in a near future. Just like any other business requirement, mobile apps 

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Laundry App Development Company

Laundry App & Software Development – Feature, Benefits, USPs & Cost

“The Laundry industry is heavily driven by repeat business. While their services (Wash and Fold, Drycleaning,  Ironing, Low Heat Dry, etc.) are important and frequently sought after, the industry itself is extremely over saturated with somewhat identical competitors.” Are you into laundry business and want to achieve business growth? This article is for you. Believe me, 

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Your Next Doctor Might Be A Robot

Your next doctor might be a robot

The startups started paying more attention to the blockchain technology. Slowly these companies collaborate with university researchers to create a platform on the unit, where patients can discuss their medical data with advanced artificial intelligence, specialized in a doctor. Also read: How to accelerate your sales with Machine Learning It’s claimed that the platform for processing 

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Computer Vision

5 Examples of Using Computer Vision

Computer vision and image recognition are an integral part of artificial intelligence (AI), which over the years has gained immense popularity. Unmanned Vehicles The largest stands with computer vision belong to the automotive industry. In the end, the technology of unmanned and semi-autonomous vehicles works, in many ways, thanks to computer vision. Personalization In the 

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