How Technology Transforming Healthcare Industry

How Technology is Changing Healthcare Industry

Over the past decade, technology has transformed the way we live. The digital transformation and digitization are affecting each and every sector; from industrial to manufacturing, from finance to retail. Then how can Healthcare be out if its reach? So far, software-based technology, data analytics and connected devices combined together have changed everything from the 

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Your Next Doctor Might Be A Robot

Your next doctor might be a robot

The startups started paying more attention to the blockchain technology. Slowly these companies collaborate with university researchers to create a platform on the unit, where patients can discuss their medical data with advanced artificial intelligence, specialized in a doctor. Also read: How to accelerate your sales with Machine Learning It’s claimed that the platform for processing 

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Computer Vision

5 Examples of Using Computer Vision

Computer vision and image recognition are an integral part of artificial intelligence (AI), which over the years has gained immense popularity. Unmanned Vehicles The largest stands with computer vision belong to the automotive industry. In the end, the technology of unmanned and semi-autonomous vehicles works, in many ways, thanks to computer vision. Personalization In the 

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6 mistakes businessmen make when they work with Big Data

Even with the same set of data, two people can draw completely different conclusions. This is because the data themselves are not “reference”. Researchers can derive data from incorrect information, rely on subjective judgment or use sources of dubious origin Here are 6 common mistakes that managers make when they work with Big data. 1. 

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What Chatbot can do for your business?

Do you know that the number of instant messaging users is constantly increasing? According to GlobalWebIndex, 75% of Internet users have already migrated there from different social networks. In addition, 53% of people prefer to buy or receive consultation via messages. This explains the rising popularity of Chatbots. Only in Facebook Messenger, there are more 

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