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WeDigTech is a trusted Chatbot development company, known for scalable, effective and innovative Chatbot development that keeps your enterprise abreast with contemporary digital needs. We are the visionary builders with well understanding of modern technology rendering futuristic Chatbot development to your enterprise. We closely understand your business needs. We engineer chatbots are integrated with efficient and infallible technology that render A-class user experience. At WeDigTech, we build chatbots that help your business have an upper hand in the game while catering successful user engagement.

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Scalable Chatbot Development for Industries like

Our multilayer Chatbot development delivers you chatbots that are ahead of time.
Hey! Welcome to Steam restaurant, how can I help you?
I want a table for 3
Table for 3. When should I reserve this?
For tomorrow 7pm please
Reservation for 3 for tomorrow 7Pm has been done.
Thanks for the help!
Implanting Chatbot add stars to your hotel and restaurant customer service. It provides the customer ease of exploration and instant messaging whether it is customer service such as orders, bookings, payments or resolving customer queries like reservations, addresses.
Hotel Industry Features
  • Customer Handling
  • Reduces Work Load
  • Sees to Reservation and Payment
  • Builds Customer Loyalty
  • Guest Profiling
I am planning to travel from NYC to LA, Friday to Sunday next week, can you look for flights?
These are the flight recommendations:
Most policy-compliant:
$500 Delta
JFK – LAX 1/14/18
8:15am-11:55 am (6h40min)
LAX-JFK 1/16/18
4 pm-12:25am (5h25min)
Thanks for the help
Chatbots have changed the work dynamic of the travel industry. They help create better customer engagement with virtual assistant on the user’s fingertips. Travel industry has been transformed massively, with the integration of chatbots they are generating efficiencies and providing great customer service.
Travel Industry Features
  • Creates Cross and Up sell Opportunities
  • Quicker Data Access
  • Better Staff Management
  • Accentuate Customer Engagements
Good Morning Dr. Harris. Here is the clinical report along with the information of patients and their health appointments. [View Report]
Thanks Health Bot. Also, please send these reports to Dr. Patrick, I need to consult him on today’s case
Sure thing, Dr. Harris. Anything else you want me to do?
No, thank you Heath Bot.
Healthcare industries are the earliest adopters of the Chatbot. Making an appointment based on the symptom severity, monitoring the health status, scheduled reminders of medications, etc have made it possible for us to provide remote areas A-class healthcare services.
Healthcare Industry Features
  • Reminder
  • Health Status Monitoring
  • Appointment and Deployment of Doctors
  • Better Hospital Management
  • Quick Data Access to Patient History
How can I help you today?
What’s the balance on my credit card?
The balance on your Total Reward card is $ 6800.
Would you like to see your last transaction?
No, thanks for the help although.
Chatbots have successfully reduced human work to a great extent. Average Chatbots save more than 4 minutes per call than the traditional methods. In banking industry chatbots impart large scale of advices that are relevant to the user, using the information such as usual habits.
Banking Industry Features
  • Efficient Customer Support
  • Faster Service
  • Better Service Provider
  • Take note of customer usual habits
  • Much Economic
Hello! How may I help you?
I am looking for Jessica Simpson Aaron Top, do you carry any?
Yes, in aisle 5. Should I send someone to assist you?
No, Got it. Thanks for the help.
Chatbots are playing as store assistants to the retail stores. Chatbot allows the customer to compare well between the features and price. Complexities while buying any product is cut short with an ease of browsing through product reviews. With this type of assistant, businesses are able to make successful engagement and a relation of long term with the customers.
Retail Industry Features
  • Efficient Staff Training
  • In-Store Assistance
  • Order tracking
  • Better Customer Service
  • Increased Revenue
Hello Richard, how may I help you?
Hey, I am not feeling well today. I need you to submit my sick leave for Tuesday and Wednesday.
I’m sorry to hear that. I am submitting sick for 1/ 2/18 and 1/3/18. Is that what you want me to do?
Yes, thanks for your help.
Whether it is HR related task, verifying workplace environment or easier engagements with vendors, Chatbots take care of all. They work as an aid to manufactures and retails in assessing recall procedures. Chatbots have an integral role in reducing human workload in manufacturing industry.
Manufacturing Industry Features
  • Automated and Scalable Production
  • Staff Management
  • Order tracking
  • Distribution
  • Increased Revenue
Why is Chatbot a Business Necessity?
  • Improved UX
    A better user experience is a key to create a loyal customer base and hype in sales.
  • Better Interaction
    Giving freedom of self-exploring the products and services helps retain a better user engagement. Allows customers to click, chat and converse.
  • Quick Information Access
    Accessing information becomes easy when you have deployed chatbots to simplify information and feed you in small chunks.
  • Brand Building abilities
    Chatbot gives a flare to your websites. They enrich unique and engaging personality in your product and services.
  • Better Feedback
    Now don’t engage yourself into old ways, now seek service feedbacks where you can best meet them such as Facebook.
  • No Customer Support Maintenance
    No team to manage and monitor, Chatbot gives your enterprise 24*7 efficient and reliable customer support.
Solution Overview
The functionality of the Chatbots depends upon the tasks it performs for users as well as admins.


Contact anytime, anywhere and get profound results.


Agility in keeping track on payments, orders and services.


It stimulates human interaction on a messaging platform


Reservations, assistance, e-Commerce guidance, reminders, customer support etc.


Real-time query resolve.


Human-like, intelligent, fast customer support.


Ultimate staff work load reduction. Chatbots efficiently manages reservation and queries.


Chatbots help create a better user engagement by inducing personalised chats.


Track display via WMS for fixed periods - day, week, and month


Efficient staff and work deployment feasible a fluent work-flow and better staff management.


24*7 help and support irrespective of time-zones.
Intuitive Chatbot Development
Our multilayer Chatbot development delivers you chatbots that are ahead of time.
1. Planning
A well planned structure is formulated before initialising development work. Discussions over your ‘needs’ and ‘need not-s’ help us serve you with desired development work.
2. Structure and UX
Structure and plans are devised to leverage excellent UX. Thematic customisation of Chatbot helps in adding essential features; we closely inspect your enterprise’s utmost requirements.
3. Development
Development of chatbots with cutting-edge technology, summing it up with an attractive personality, making it as user-friendly as it can is a part of this step.
4. Test and Integration
Hefty tests are done to make sure of the chatbot functionality. A well tested and highly functional chatbot is skilfully initiated into your web project.
5. Optimisation
Chatbots are intently monitored to deliver high-rated results. Optimisations are done to encase optimum user engagement.
6. implement
Platforms to Build Chatbot
  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Slack
  • MicroSoft
  • Amazon
  • SMS
  • Custom
Why ‘WeDigTech’ for Chatbot Development?
    Smooth workflow and process management is an assurance of on-time delivery and ultimately reducing the cost of chatbot development.
    Comprehensive development helps us deliver Chatbots that encase your enterprises utmost needs.
    We guarantee highly intuitive Chatbots with unconventional functionality. We build chatbots that are a breakthrough in industry.
    Chatbot development with higher approach towards your enterprises futuristic needs.
  • EASY
    Our skills allow us to relinquish agile chatbot integration into your websites to maximise profits and develop an awesome user engagement.
    We focus on creating equilibrium between your budget and technology.
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Our love for technology and know-how knowledge has made us a visionary of technology world. Our insight on the forthcoming technological developments in the Chatbot world
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