Red Bull

Design and Development of over 12 digital products for the period of 6 years

Red Bull is an energy drink having the highest market share of any energy drink in the world, with 7.5 billion cans sold in a year.

Santa Monica, California, United States

Project Duration

Multiple projects over the period of 6 years


Red Bull North America / Energy Drink


Red Bull North America wanted to have multiple web and mobile projects to be built and wanted to do agile development with high-quality code as their previous projects were stuck with another vendor and internal teams.


WeDigTech was tasked with analyzing project requirements with the Red Bull business and IT teams. We set up highly productive Agile development teams based on project requirements and delivery pipelines. We developed high-quality web and mobile applications for distribution partners, talent management, sales roadmaps, sports team management, and asset management. We enhanced the applications on an ongoing basis with various project managers and technical leads.

Technology Stack

We grew the agile product development team from 3 people to 15 people for various projects and increased the IT projects delivery pipeline from 1 project to 12+ comprehensive digital products including a flagship digital product for distribution partners. Our applications are being used by more than 100,000+ users on monthly basis.

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