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What makes a great web app?
Mobile first approach

The approach benefits the conversion rate directly up to 70% and increases profit. Having fewer elements, removing unnecessary decoration and content, improves the loading speed, user experience, and conversion rate.

Interactive elements

Interactive elements are responsible for personalizing the experience for users and creating an interaction between user and content. The interactive elements can be used to understand user needs and provide value and relevant content.

Data Visualization

Data visualization benefits the web app in terms of user engagement, processing the information, and interactivity. It represents the data as charts, graphs, and maps to deliver an understanding of trends and patterns in data sets.

Role based access control

The RBAC is trending for securing sensitive data and important applications. It allows users to access the only information and data that is permitted to view as per his role such as technical, admin, authority or any roles.

Analytics Integration

It allows businesses to collect data such as visitor traffic, user location, bounce rate, device type, time spent and so forth, which provides an overview to business owners to understand the market insights for their products and services.

Offline data management

Offline data management is best suited for web applications as it allows users to access the information and submit the forms even after the internet is disconnected. Storing data temporarily and pushing it to the server later improves the performance and user experience.

How a great web app can help your business?

Web Apps are more useful when it comes to integrating other online tools or third party software to collect, store and or process the data. It also maintains the high level user experience to entertain the users with the relevant content.

24/7 Availability

Web Apps allow users to access your business data 24/7 securely from any device whether it is a mobile, desktop, or tablet and there is no effect of schedule maintenance or server issues.


Accessing business data or services through a Web App is beneficial to organizations as the users are not required to download any application or specific software to run the Web App. The Web App can be accessed from any pre-installed browser of any device and does not take any space in the user’s local device.

Strong Security

Web Apps are highly secure and that’s the reason markets like Asia and Europe are focusing on Web Apps. There is no requirement to download the web application; improved amendments to security are implemented immediately by updating the application.

Customization & Scalability

Web Apps are not limited to their features, functionality, and flexibility. A custom Web App always represents your business only and allows you to make significant customizations as per business requirements and growth in less amount of time and cost.

Saves time

A Web App describes all your products and services, so it is easy for the customers to know everything without having to discuss it over a call. This saves time and a lot of effort to make customers understand your business products and services.

Choosing the right TechStack

It is important to choose the right technology stack for building web app solutions for your enterprise or startup idea. Our experts have 10+ years of experience in designing and developing medium to large scale web app solutions that deliver performance, usability, security and scalability.

What type of apps our team has built?
Over 500+ app solutions designed and developed for startups and enterprises
  • Retail
  • Financial
  • Media
  • Social
  • Health and Wellness
  • Education
  • Delivery & Logistics
  • Travel
  • Food & Beverages
  • Music
  • Real Estate
  • Automotive
We create long term partnerships with our clients
Trusted, Collaborative, and Valued Partners

"WeDigTech was without a doubt the best choice OVAL could have made for this production. They have been trusted, collaborative, and valued partners from the beginning of the project and long after the initial production ended."

Mike Harry
Oval (CEO, OVAL Digital Inc.)
A Full-Stack Development House

“I've been working with the team at WeDigTech for nearly 3 years now and it has been a pleasure working with them. They are incredibly hard working and honest, and have all the skills and experience that you expect from a full-stack development house.”

Patrick Deehan
Music Wellness App (Founder)
Successful Partnership

“Having worked on the first version of the app, WeDig Techsolutions is the exclusive developer for the next iteration of Earnster For Teens. Users reacted positively to their work and feel the platform is more accessible. The team’s involved collaborative skills and responsive communication are key to the successful partnership.”

Candace Walker
Founder, Earnster Inc.
Quality Driven Process

“In regard to the aforementioned project, the latest development was over a 3 month period. We have been working extensively with Wedigtech for the last 8 years with several large projects. It is due to their commitment to quality work and timely deliveries that we have focused all our outsourcing with them. Very good english skills overall and a strong support team for any of the technologies we asked them so far. Highly recommended.”

Audio Video Unlimited
VP- IT Systems
Pro-user approach

"WeDig's approach to technology and software development is unlike anything I have had the privileged to be a part of and I have worked and collaborated with some of the biggest names in IT such as IBM, AOL, Sapient, and QinetiQ."

Kareem Bacho
Founder - Visualroom
Complete package

“WeDigTech team has amazing programmers and they worked on a project owned by the HILTON for me. I can only say that you ask it and they do can be done!”

Allen Rubin
Owner - Southbay Website Design
Scaling-up abilities

“WeDigTech is a great company to work with. They offer quality services combined with reliable communication.”

Messiah Jacobs
tapReplay (co-founder)
Scaling-up abilities

“WeDigTech is a great company to work with. They offer quality services combined with reliable communication.”

Messiah Jacobs
tapReplay (co-founder)
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