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As the World prepares to face the threat of COVID-19, we move from “social distancing” to “self-isolation” to even the prospect of avoiding the people we care about. We are bound by the language of quarantine. All institutes, colleges, and universities across the country are turning towards online learning or distance learning mode. By all means, now is the time for you to explore your e-learning capabilities and consider the possibility of affecting massive groups of people through a simple but significant online platform.

Learners can engage with online content and learning materials at their convenient time along with existing responsibilities and commitments. An online platform lets the learner’s login to a virtual classroom without travelling anywhere and enables them to study from the comfort of their own home or office. Online learning is also cheaper and more cost-effective as compared to offline mode.

Clearly, it is time to implement what we all thought we wouldn’t need for another few years. 

Online Learning is the Future 

Online learning is one of the booming industries of this day and age. It is also quite possibly the future of Learning and Development on a global level, especially in the light of these unprecedented times. 

The Indian online education industry will grow from 1.6 million users in 2016 to 9.6 million users by 2021, according to the KPMG report. 

E-learning and online education have become one of the foremost influential business models for different industries. Modern online learning systems and solutions should be designed and delivered in the right way with a perfect platform in order to empower businesses and help them attain the cutting edge. To start with, first decide the niche you want to teach, research your audience needs, create an online product to solve a major learning requirement, and then either create your own or pick a robust and customized platform. 

Content Relevancy

This particular factor is very important to build a healthy e-learning community. 

According to research done by our experts around one-third of their survey respondents, who are professionals in Learning and Development, find the relevance of content E-Learning platforms to always be a challenge.

Not keeping relevancy can highly impact the user experience as it can lead them to abandon or never return back to the particular platform.

It is essential to fulfilling the purpose with which they have arrived, as we all know there are many other options available in the market. 

The user will be active only if he gets the relevant content as per his expectations, otherwise, it takes 2 secs to return back.

With good audience research, you will get to know the interest of your audience.

For Example – If the user is studying or working in the Real estate industry then the content is supposed to be like Promotional Marketing in Real Estate and Construction Management and not be like Introductory Human Physiology.

Simple tactics to measure your content flow –

1. Get Feedback From Your Users

Keep feedback and review option in your app, so that users can easily share their opinions. Through this, you will be able to know if there is any positive or negative feedback about content relevancy.

2. Conduct A Survey

Conducting surveys can actually show you the exact flow of your content and also know about other aspects of your app.  Add each section in the survey like – rate app UI, UX, Content relevancy, Navigation, etc.

3. Check Your App Uninstall Stats

Tracking the uninstall rate of your app can give you the exact ratio. As content relevancy is one of the major factors responsible for uninstalling the app. To get the accurate response, add the short feedback pop up asking the reason for uninstalling so that you can fix it.

User Experience 

User Experience plays a vital role in every app. This we already know but here we will get to know how it impacts specifically an e-learning app.

It is always suggested the e-learning content should be crafted towards guiding the learners to better user experience. A pleasurable, appealing, and inspiring user experience ensures that learners interact, engage, and enjoy with your e-Learning platform. 

How quickly the user can navigate the page and how well the content has been paired with the graphics and features is an example of good user experience. Poor user experience is when the user says “What do I do now”? 

An example of a Mobile app designed for great user experience and the visual appeal is AirBnB mobile app. It is easy, fast, and enjoyable to explore, you just need to scroll and tap on the information. Functions are basic and clear and you can use this easily on the move.

While on the other hand, bad user experience is where users can’t find what they want.
For example, too much content and less navigation, absence of relevant buttons and dropdown and the longer form, etc. 

A mobile app with a bad user experience will surely lose visitors and potential lead. It should offer the visitor exactly what they want quickly and let them access the content without any hassle. 

Product Development 

Then there is a need for an easy and customized platform that provides various learning techniques. For this, you have two options. Either get developed your e-learning solution from scratch or get an E-Learning solution from the best app development company. 

Your best bet would be an end-to-end App-based E-learning Platform which provides a complete solution to launch your e-learning facility. With the help of a platform that already comes with the basic essential features along with some advanced features for excellence, you will be able to get the most out of your users with minimal invasiveness.

On the other hand, developing an e-learning product from scratch would be extremely time-consuming, not to mention expensive, which sometimes doesn’t justify the benefits accrued.

Subscription Model 

With a subscription model, you’re entering into a long term arrangement with your users who are committed to using your app for a prescribed duration of time. With this, you’re ensuring a steady flow of income from the users and you’re secure with the recurring revenue accruing from the app.

Benefits of adopting a subscription model

1. Attract More Customers

A subscription model is an add on value to your business. It gives the user a reason to trust and as your business grows, the user is willing to pay and keep the engagement by sharing his reviews about your business which helps in increasing the new customer rate. 

2. More Reliable & Consistent Revenue Stream

This is the most interesting perk of this model for every business. Eventually, now your users are active subscribers and as long as they continue getting expected results, they will keep the payment on a scale. The only thing to keep in mind is to keep it flexible, adopt changes as per your user’s expectations. 

3. Increase Customer Retention

Customer relationship is the most important aspect to focus on, no matter which business you are in. So if the user is active and enjoying the access without any regret, it lets them come again and again. Your content is supposed to be the addiction for them, which keeps the retention rate high.

4. Helps In Creating A Marketing Base

Adopting subscriptions can give a lot of benefits, one of them impacting marketing as it gives you a lot of information about your user. With this data, you can easily track your user activity and send them the latest updates & offers on their mobile screens also follow them on social media where they spend most of the time. 

Adopt any of the Subscription models for your community platform

1. ContentWise – Charge for the particular course or learning lesson.

2. Time-Based – Charge on monthly, quarterly or annual subscription.

Adopting this model not only monetizes your platforms but also secures your customer base with a community of co-operative users, who are keen on engaging and learning together.

Live Classrooms

Let’s face it, lectures are always boring for most people. In order for a class to be effective and in order for the instructor to make an impact on the learners, there has to be interaction and engagement. This is where live classrooms find their relevance. An E-learning solution app can be personalized as per specific business requisites. 

As virtual learning has its own world now, in this live classroom feature is an identical experience.

It keeps the environment engaging and interactive, as learners can have live chat and questionaries at the same time.

With live classroom features, online live sessions can be conducted to make learning more interactive and engaging. This feature enables real-time face-to-face interaction with high definition video. Key Features that make eLearning platform interactive are Live Sessions & Webinars, Video, Audio, PDF Contents, and free & paid memberships, etc. 

Marketing Ideas 

No matter how great your app is, it is promotion and advertising that make a difference. Innovative marketing ideas create awareness about the app among the targeted customers and help to promote the product. 

Here are various ways to market and promote your community

1. Social media

2. Public Relations

3. Press releases

4. Launch party

5. Guest blogging

6. Interview with local newspapers

7. App Store Optimization

8. Search Ads

9. Influencers/Celebrity endorsements

10. Traditional Advertising

Always remember, a user-friendly and quality product requires minimum marketing efforts because a satisfied customer automatically promotes the product through word of mouth. 


According to a study, the global eLearning market is going to be 275 billion USD industry by 2022. Choose the best E-Learning mobile app solution to develop a strong and interactive e-learning community from the leading mobile app development company in India and start generating revenue. 

Partner with the company who supports you in considering all the important factors needs to take care while or after development to convert your billion-dollar business idea into a Profitable Business. 

Get in touch with Our Expert Team, and our e-learning consultant will help you to launch your e-learning application or Contact us directly to get your best e-learning app solution. 

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