Google Acquires LaunchKit – A New Member in G Family

Google acquires LaunchKit

Google is aggressively focusing on Android Apps market. After Delta algorithm, Google has took one more step in order to help Android developers. Google acquires Launchkit. A great news for all Launchkit fans.

Launchkit saidToday, we’re excited to announce that the LaunchKit team is joining Google!We’ll be joining their Developer Products Group, which is committed to building amazing developer tools, and we’ll be taking everything we’ve learned building LaunchKit and continue our mission at an even larger scale.

As we focus our efforts on building great developer tools at Google, we also want to make everything we’ve built at LaunchKit even more accessible. As of today, we’ve open sourced our services so anyone can set up their own instance of our tools! As for the official LaunchKit service, it will continue to operate independently for existing users for the next 12 months, then it will be discontinued.

We want to personally thank the amazing community of mobile developers who have inspired us since day one. We’ve been so proud to build tools you’ve loved, and can’t wait to show you more of what we’ll be working on at Google.

Keep building amazing apps,”

LaunchKit will be folded into Google’s Developer Product Group, which includes Google Cloud Platform, Firebase and other services.

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