Hack Nexus and Get $350,000 – Google’s Challenge to All Hackers


Google has set aside at least $350,000 for its Project Zero Prize contest, and to win part of that sweet, sweet prize pot, you’ll have to hack a Nexus 6P and a 5X. You’ll have to do so only knowing the devices’ phone numbers and associated email addresses. Plus, the vulnerability you exploit must be able to remotely execute codes on both phones just by opening an email or a text message. The big G says it hopes to discover new bugs from the contest. But since it’s more than just a bug bounty program, it will also use your entries to take a closer look at how exploits work, as well as to gather info on how to protect its devices from similar vulnerabilities.

You may want to read the contest mechanics soon if you plan to participate, because it looks like only the first person who submits a particular bug can use it. If you get top prize once the contest ends in six months’ time, you can take home $200,000. You’ll get $100,000 for second prize, and at least $50,000 for third, which is still not bad at all.

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