How to Utilize Technology for the Betterment of your Business

Technologies for Betterment of Business

The world is now driven by technology and it can be leveraged in smarter and more effective ways to improve performance and flexibility in our lives.

So to reap the benefits of technology in your business, you may need to integrate some tech solutions or make some adjustments if you have already applied them in your business activities.

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These benefits of technology in business outweigh the short-lived challenges faced while integrating the technology, once new and advanced technologies come into existence.

So where and how you can utilize the technology? Here are the following ways:


  • Time tracking software – You can use this tool to map out how much time is spent where and by whom. This analysis can be used for accountability, productivity, and development of new work strategies.
  • Digital Dictation – This can be done to streamline your work processes so that all the respective individuals remain on the same page to drive towards the common goal of the business.
  • Management tools – With the help of management tools you can manage your projects and tasks in hand to stay with your daily business responsibilities
  • Digital Filing System – Sorting, saving, sharing and finding documents are made easy with the digital filing system.
  • Email management – An efficient technologically enabled email management process makes it easier to stay updated with the formal communication that rolls out to every individual involved in the business.

Monetary Concerns

  • Online Invoicing – Reduces the cost of collecting payments from clients and customers.
  • Online budget tracking – Be up to date with the receipts and payments and manage the expenses accordingly.
  • E-Filling of Tax – Efficient and hassle-free process of filing the taxes.
  • E-Commerce – Reach to more people and generate more income by selling products online.
  • Accounting software – Handles the inflow and outflow of the business finances.
  • Digital Bookkeeping – Easy and safe way to store the records of transactions with your bookkeeper or accountant.
  • Open-source applications – To replace the cost incurred in using “name brands”.


  • Marketing Software – To edit, update, and share the marketing plan with your team.
  • Social Media – The best way to promote your business, products, and services in this digital world are to use social media handles like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, etc.
  • Blogging – The millennials are more into reading digitally. Inform about your business through blogs and reach a greater target audience.
  • Email Marketing – Utilize the power of email marketing by collecting email addresses through an opt-in form.
  • Video Marketing – People get more attracted to what they see. Videos are an innovative way to publicize your business among the youth.
  • Website – If you do not own a website for your business, you are likely to lose a lot for your business. Having a business website is considered to be a basic requirement these days. It acts as your digital office.

Collaboration and Learning

  • Teleconference calls – Helps in ensuring the proper communication between team members located n different locations.
  • Webinars/Web Conferences – Travel free way to keep everyone in the loop, that too face-to-face.
  • Online Business Training – Share your knowledge and experience with your team and empower them to perform better through online training.
  • Cloud computing – For safer and quicker sharing of files and data.
  • Intranet – For moving files locally and internally.
  • Team messaging – For communicating quickly and clearly with all your team members at once or individually.

Customer Service

  • Through social media
  • Online help desk or ticketing system
  • Appointment scheduling at clients’ and customers’ own convenience
  • Online feedback through surveys and questionnaires
  • Advanced Chatbots for FAQs

Mobile Working and Telecommuting

  • Mobile Office App – Lets you work productively from anywhere.
  • Remote Desktop App – Let you access files on your office computer.
  • Go paperless – Saves expenses on supplies and storage in your office. Plus, it is environmentally safe.
  • Smartphone and Apps – Synchronization with the cloud let you stay connected on the go.

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