Dominos Zero Click App – Order Pizza Without Clicks


Good news for Lazy & Hungry people out there. Domino’s has introduced a great way to serve his customers, especially for those who are lazy. Taking the leverage of technology, Dominos has launched the “Zero Click” Mobile App. Dominos unveiled a new mobile application that lets hungry people to place an order simply by opening the app on their smart phones. So no more headache of clicking.

It is recommended to do some kind of exercises if you want to keep yourself fit. However, Dominos has intention to stop its users to move even Fingers. Looks like Dominos wants his every customer to have a a Big Tummy. Jokes apart:)

This is not the first time Dominos has tried something new to attract his customers. Earlier this App, the food delivery chain has already tried a number of digital experiments ranging from a “tweet to order” system on Twitter and, more recently, a way to order just by talking to your connected speaker, the Amazon Echo.

This time, “zero click” has come into the scene. The new app requires a very little input from the customers. Below is the complete process to order Pizza from Dominos via “zero click” Mobile App.

  1. Take your phone in your Hand.
  2. Launch the app
  3. Blink your eyes 4 to 5 times. What? Yes! Except blinking eyes, there nothing you can do.

Okay let me come straight to the point.

Though, its obviously not that you would launch the Dominos App in your device and the order will be placed. It just that there is a 10 seconds countdown that appears only when a user unwittingly clicks on the App, there’s a 10-second countdown that first displays. Or we can say 10 more seconds to think about your belly. Within 10 seconds, if you don’t stop the timer, your order will be placed with nearest local delivery center and an order confirmation screen will appear.

Though it is a Mobile App not a Genie, how can Dominos predict, what type of Pizza my belly is bouncing for?
I am sure you must have this question. Well, there’s a technology involved at back stage that makes Domino’s Zero Click work so well.

The app, requires consumers to first create an account on and then create and complete what the company calls a “Pizza Profile.” This profile includes your favorite pizza order (e.g. Chees crust, veg with extra Cheese, a large pepperoni), along with other necessary and required personal information like your phone number, delivery address, payment terms and credit card details.

This information is also known as your “Easy Order,” which is then provided to whichever digital ordering system you decide to use. Today, that’s a pretty extensive list, as it turns out.
Below are some of the ways that Dominos is using to provide hospitality services to its end users. A part of Domino’s “Anywhere” platform.

Desktop web Application
Mobile Application
Samsung Smart TVs
Ford Sync
Smartwatches like Android Wear and Pebble
Own Native Mobile App, where you can chat with its virtual assistant Dom by voice.

No matter where customers are and what they are doing – on their phones, watching TV, in a car, etc.
For Dominos, there is a way to serve them.

Domino’s is trying hands on all the technologies available like Web and Mobile Apps to enhance its sales. The company claims that its emphasis on technology helped generate over 50 percent of U.S. sales from digital channels at the end of 2015, and helped reach an estimated $4.7 billion annually in global digital sales.

Domino’s also tells us that over half of its national television campaign topics last year were also directly related to digital initiatives.

The new Dominos Zero Click mobile application is live now on both iOS and Android. What’s next Dominos thinking off? Just think about pizza and it will arrive?

Final words for all our restaurant owners and for those who want to be one.
If you also want to take advantage of technology to increase your revenue. And, if you are getting tedious by tearing bill and giving change, try hands on technology. Discuss with WeDigTech how your food can be severed via technology.

Till then, Happy Reading… Happy Eating…

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