Latest Facebook Announcements: Digital Marketers Should Know This

FB F8 Confrence

We take a look at Facebook’s biggest announcements this year and its plans for the future.

What happened at Facebook F8? Podcast discussion

Facebook messenger chat bots launched:
At its 2016 F8 conference, Facebook announced that businesses will now be able to provide chatbots to deliver automated customer support.

Facebook releases API for Facebook Live
Developers and companies alike will soon be able to access Facebook Live’s API, meaning live videos could become increasingly popular this year.

Facebook announces Surround 360
Facebook announces Surround 360 – an open-source VR camera. This is great news for developers that want to build their own and for future Oculus Rift owners.

Facebook releases Bot Engine
Facebook’s Send and Receive API allows developers to create their own messenger chatbots for basic businesses responses to more specialised bots.

Facebook launches sponsored messenger ads
For customers already engaged with a brand, Facebook now allows messaging ads to reconnect with consumers.

Facebook announces Profile Expressions Kit
Account Kit is plug-in for developers to help businesses grow and monetise from their apps via push notifications and bigger push campaigns.

Facebook messenger announces Dropbox integration
Facebook announced (12 April 2016) that Dropbox would be integrated with Facebook messenger, enabling users to send and preview Dropbox files. This announcement comes a week ahead of its F8 conference which is expected to bring many more updates and new features to both the messenger and Facebook app.

Facebook’s iOS app now uses AI to narrate photos for the blind
According to The Next Web, Facebook is helping blind people ‘see’ photos by using artificial intelligence to narrate them via its iOS app. By using neural networks, the Facebook app will generate a description for every photo e.g. ‘three women smiling with champagne’.

Facebook adds more emotion reaction buttons
Facebook adds five new emotions buttons. Love, anger, haha, sad and wow have joined the ‘like’ button to respond to friends posts.
If you’re using Facebook on a laptop or PC just hover over the ‘like’ button to choose your emotion and if using the Facebook app on your phone, hold down the ‘like’ button to reveal the latest five emotions.

Dislike Button
Finally the dislike button could be here soon! Facebook have reportedly said they are working on a dislike button and are nearly ready for user testing. This is excellent news for most Facebook users after years of asking.

Internet of Things
A new line of IoT Parse SDKs were announced, starting with one specifically for Arduino Yun – a wifi-enabled makerboard that helps connect inanimate objects to smartphones. Parse’s founder Ilyar Sukhar gave a nod to a smart garage door manufacturer that built a door that can be unlocked through a smartphone through Parse.

Facebook AI
Facebook’s artificial intelligence experts have already proved influential through their recent research publications. But the F8 developer conference showcased one of their most recent technologies, Memory Networks, which showed a machine able to answer sophisticated questions about a Lord of the Rings synopsis.

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