Happy Team = Happy Clients

happy staff=happy-client

According to me, it is useless to discuss about how to motivate employees but first ask a question “Do employees love this company? If yes, they don’t need any motivation. Their love for the company is enough to enlighten a flame within them to work in working on right track which leads to 100% Client’s Satisfaction! In case No, it would be simply wasting of time because no one can motivate a Cat against harming Rats! Unless Cat Really Loves Rat!

Mostly, I have seen that companies have some policies and employees are bound to obey every policy. If they don’t, they would get a deduction in salary or bear specific kind of compensation. Here I get muddled. Why companies introduce such policies and actions? Are they hiring immature candidates or company is not confident with its own employees? Because in both cases company growth gets effected badly. Here we need to understand one more thing, with fear-based policies and an attitude like “We make the rules and you have to follow them” discourage the talented guys to become a part of your organization.

There must be a reason, why Google offers such a cool atmosphere when he is already paying a very handsome salary package? Why does Google not imposed “formal dress”, “fixed working hours”, and “three days’ salary deduction for not coming office on time” Because he knows plenty of companies are ready to pay more than Google for valuable candidate. That is why Google believes in good working atmosphere so that he can make a best use of their caliber and skills in order to provide great services to clients. There can be no single person who is not satisfied with Google services. This makes Google one of the world’s best companies. This is all because of great working culture. This is exactly WeDigTech believes.

To satisfy clients it is must to satisfy employees first! “If you take care of your employees, they will take care of your customers” – Richard Branson
Here at WeDigTech, we work in such a great working atmosphere where we only focus on our clients needs not ours! Because we are confident that our needs fulfilled by our company.

If a child is not happy with his parents, this is sure that he will not become what his parents thinking off. Similarly, if an employee is not happy with the company, it is sure that he will not perform like what company really wants from him. I am writing this post which is an evidence that WeDigTech is not like other companies. If it really wasn’t so, you would never have seen this post to read on the official blog of WeDigTech 🙂

WeDigTech doesn’t believe in cutting down the wings but to let our imagination fly. It creates an atmosphere where employees keep working on right track, a track which has only one destination and that is 100% Client’s Satisfaction!
Here we are allowed to put our thoughts because strict working polices will get you from A to B which is somewhere okay but a good working environment will take you everywhere which is great!
Good relation = Happy Employees, Trusted Company and Satisfied Client
Bad Relation = Simply Opposite!

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