How Reviews can Increase CTR

How to increase ctr

What is CTR: Click through rate or CTR is a digital marketing term that measures the ratio of total impressions on the click done by the user while searching results. It is calculated as per the following formula: clicks/impressions*100

“The total number of clicks divided by total number of impressions multiply by 100. Thus, in order to determine the CTR of the keyword or anything is calculated as per this formula only.  The CTR is important to your online business as it directly effects your overall growth.

There are various ways to increase CTR such as Title & Description, Product Ratings & reviews, and Keywords etc.

Reviews is one of the most important factor which plays a significant role in CTR.  It is estimated that 88% of consumers trust on “Online Reviews” which is related to the personal recommendations of consumers. Survey says that only 12% people do not read reviews. The recommendation and review by users impact largely on consumer’s decision. They make users feel secure and helps them buy the right product. User shares his personal experience, views and other information after using the product which helps other users in making wise decision about the product.

How to Increase CTR

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