PAN in a Few Minutes & App to Pay Taxes – Coming Soon

App to Pay Tax

Coming soon: PAN in a few minutes and app to pay taxes

Towards Digital India one more positive step taken by Govt of India to make India “Digital India”

The aim of Digital India is to provide the much-needed thrust to the nine pillars of growth areas, namely:

  • e-Governance—Reforming Government through Technology,
  • Universal Access to Mobile Connectivity,
  • Information for All, Electronics Manufacturing,
  • Broadband Highways,
  • Public Internet Access Program,
  • e-Kranti—Electronic Delivery of Services,
  • IT for Jobs,
  • and Early Harvest Programmes”.

“If a SIM can be issued through e-KYC than it can be done same with PAN.” said an officer.

The CBDT is working on same process of issuing PAN on a real-time basis using e-KYC facility. After launching this process, it may take only five-six minutes from two-three weeks at present. While the number will be issued, the card will be delivered later.

And one more good news for those who are paying taxes that tax dept. is developing a mobile app that will help pay taxes, apply for PAN or track the returns through smartphones.

This step will help us to save our time and we can easily get our permanent account number in a minute and pay income tax through our smartphone.

To implement this real-time system of PAN and tax return the CBDT and the ministry of corporate affairs have already tied up to issue PAN to new companies incorporating through a combined form in 4 hours. The idea, again, is to move to real-time issuing of PAN, which will also become the business identification number for companies.

Although these department already offering several services online through its portal, the app is expected to make life simpler for seniors as well as young taxpayers. The two projects are being done in-house with the directorate of systems coordinating with CBDT.

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