UberEATS – App to Fulfil Taste Buds


To become a successful enterprise, It’s necessary for the company to bring about new things in the process and offer new services/products randomly to the customers to maintain their interest. This is exactly what Uber is commendably trying to implement. Having the vision to become the most successful ride sharing App in the market, Uber is always with the help of technology trying to identify new ways to get connected more quickly, effortlessly and efficiently with the people.

Uber stepped into the market as “everyone’s private driver”. All a user needs to do is to pull out Mobile from Pocket & tap on the Uber Mobile App icon and request a ride after filling the required form. This request is received by Uber and forwarded to the Cab driver. The cab then picks the user and drops him to the place he wished to go.

Later on the fastest growing cab services company launched new idea named “Uberpop”, which faced a lot of resistance by taxi drivers and enforcements of legislation, charging Uberpop as an unlicensed taxi service. To keep on expanding the targeted market Uber offered logistics delivery services in some cities like New York City where Uber introduced new options like on-demand delivery of products that were with logistical needs. It was without ‘complicated and costly delivery arrangements’. Uber named this as UberRUSH.

Started as “everyone’s private driver” and Carpooling to luxury car service, Uber is slowly changing the fate of every day taxi cabs. Now what to expect next from Uber? Well, Uber has already fastened the belts for this question and answered it as “UberEATS”.

In February 2015, Uber launched UberEATS in Barcelona. This is an amazing service to entertain the citizens of Barcelona’s taste. This is on-demand food-delivery service that delivers users requested meals from the desired local restaurants within10 minutes!! Uber has team up with a local food guide of Barcelona, “Plateselector”.

uberEats Huston

After a success in Barcelona, Uber launched this food delivery service in Houston in October and now in New York few days back. Food delivery service is slowly becoming the next best thing from our beloved Uber, and this New Year 2016, NYC will be entertained with this service. I personally liked that user is not force to download new App to fulfill the tongue’s thrust for taste. The same App will assure with the speedy and healthy food service and the best part is tastes usually ranging from 8-12$.

Let’s check out how UberEATS managing this tongue twister role.

1.Uber is loaded with a selection of the best Local restaurants. Uber basically operate this by collaboratig with a local food guide.  This is to make sure that menu is filled with all the great tastes available. Also food guide helps in to understand what a user would like to order.
2. Foodies need to open the App and tap the UberEATS icon, fill the delivery location then choose a meal on the daily menu list which was updated by Uber’s team. As simple as switch on the light when we need it.
3.Once request received, Uber forwards it to a driver who will transport order at Foodie door. Just like mom brings food from kitchen to dining table without any delivery charges!!!
uberEats 10-min
4.If you are thinking that you have to wait for 30 minutes to fill your tummy? Well you don’t have to.  Entire food delivery process takes only 10 minutes! Which is Amazing.
uberEats cashless
5. What about the payments? Right?
Well Payments are charged to the registered card, so it’s completely plastic money process.


It’s great to see how Uber spreading its wing to improve business model. UberEATS is the new wing and I’m curious to know how much it will spread. It’s also great to watch what plans Marketing team is going to prepare to make this new service successful.

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