Why Need Branches – 10 Banks Are Operated by Apps


Introducing the Banks who want to put your financial life in your Hands.

I have been using Mobile Banking apps from so long and recently I saw an article posted by CitiBank N.A in which they emphasized on how user can use some very exciting banking features through mobile apps. That day my desire become so intensified to find banks that are running on apps only. I made a long research on it and then I came up with top 10 banks around the world that are operating their banking process through apps only.

Here is a list of banks which are top of the list. These banking apps are available for iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry platform. These Apps help you transfer the money from your account to other accounts, now Making payment is no longer a challenge through these apps and finally you can do all banking activities without visiting the bank. These apps have some very strong bank features that simply obviate the need for a user to visit the bank.




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