5 Web design tips to Impress & Engage Your Target Audience in 2018

Website designing tips

If you think good design is expensive, you should look at the cost of bad design.”

This quote by Ralf Speth practically sums up the importance of having a good design. Whether you are an architect, designing a home, or a fashion designer, designing a dress, or for that matter a graphic designer engaged in a web design or a web application…The only thing that will set you apart from the milling crowds of competitors will be the design that you come up with.

Lately it has become pertinent to launch applications and make web designs that catch the attention of the consumers. The consumer is also craving to have a newer and better user experience from the applications they are using on daily basis.

The Web designers today are facing a challenge to develop websites and applications, which not only provide what is sought to but also will be able to adjust to users’ requirements and needs. Having a great design is the prerequisite step to achieve this.

Listed below points specify the components that are crucial to website designing:

  • Visual appeal to hold the attention of the customer: The first impression matters a lot. The design should be awesome, so that the visitor gets attracted to the site.
  • Drawing traffic and aiding conversions: A well laid out site is likely to drive more traffic and to end up with a sale
  • Giving the ultimate User Experience(UX): If the UX is good chances the site will have repeat visitors will increase dramatically
  • Personal touch and interactive: By adding a personal touch with a stand by chat will help to resolve queries right on the spot and will make it a one to one experience
  • Relevant & Functional: The site should contain the relevant information and should provide solutions, which the visitor is searching for.
  • Easy Accessibility: the design should provide easy access within the site. A complicated design may just put off the user and he may move away.
  • Fast Navigation & turnaround time: The site should be fast loading and quick to access else the user will get bored and move to other options.
  • Branding: A good web design can both create and add brand value. Moreover, it can make you an extra advantage over your competitors by leaving a lasting impression on the users.
  • Create Trust & Call to Action: A good site design promises quality and persuades the user to take action, thereby making conversions.
  • Responsive Design: is a design which ensures the site can be viewed on any screen size or browser.

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It is important to incorporate the design elements in your website and web applications. Nevertheless, it is also equally important to adhere to the latest trends in the Website Designing to ensure your product gets the attention it deserves. We have picked up five trends, which you may want to incorporate to your website design:

Trends to look out for:

  • GIFs & Animation: GIFs and animations if used in moderation can actually be very effective in communicating what your website or application is all about. While it is a good tool to draw attention it can be used as a guide for the customers, e.g. awwwards.com
  • Minimalistic Designs: There has been a trend to get more for less and this has manifested itself in website designing. The customers want de-cluttered websites with simple design. Instead of having a homepage with lots of tabs, the new trend is to incorporate visual cards. They act as entry points to more information and are self-explanatory. A good example is Netflix, which uses image cards about a movie instead of using a write up. Click and follow the link to get an idea: cloudfront
  • Color Palette: There is going to be major shift in the color schemes and palettes being used. We will see a trend of moving from bright and colorful palettes to more neutrals, natural and pastels. More environment depicting colors like browns, beiges and greens are in the offing. Follow the link to check the use of natural and neutral colors used in Video format to enhance the website: wailua.eu 

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  • Typography: Text in bold & beautiful fonts has always been able to attract and hold user’s attention. They provide the necessary relief. The choice of fonts that run through the website can add flair and make things visually interesting. The text or font you decide to use should be legible. They should convey your message loud and clear. Let the text be eye catching with the dynamic colours and textures. Definitely you nail it. Click on the link to check how a casual looking text can convey so much: sundaybreakfast
  • Video with Sound: Another effective way to entice users is to showcase a full video gallery on your business on the homepage. Users will appreciate the option “sound on/off” in the video. This trend requires precision and an efficient media team to combine sound and content. Nevertheless, if it will be pulled off, it can work beautifully. For example: a website for a perfume company can showcase the origins of one of their best selling perfumes. Click on the link myst.gr and scroll down to see how this can work for the website.

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2018 is going to be an incredibly exciting and interesting year for both the website developers and owners. The Website Designing will incorporate such trends as personalization, customization and incorporation of unique user experience. All of them are bound to ensure traffic and conversions, great ROI and a loyal ever expanding customer base. Our Website designing and application development is guaranteed to meet user expectations and deliver customized experiences.

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