What Chatbot can do for your business?


Do you know that the number of instant messaging users is constantly increasing? According to GlobalWebIndex, 75% of Internet users have already migrated there from different social networks.

In addition, 53% of people prefer to buy or receive consultation via messages. This explains the rising popularity of Chatbots. Only in Facebook Messenger, there are more than 110 000 of them[1]. Nevertheless, before creating one, understand what are the benefits of the Chatbots for your business.

What is a Chatbot?
Basically, it’s a service for communication with the customers, who are not ready to wait for an answer by mail or don’t like to search for the information by themselves. But why not to use the auto reply services instead?

Actually there is a huge difference between Chatbot and auto reply. The main one lies in the algorithms that are used in them. Chatbots are Artificial Conversational Entity, they can simulate the way the human would have been leading a conversation.

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Moreover, by searching the information required, they can ‘learn’ by themselves. Whereas, the auto reply system is triggered by the keywords and not capable to maintain the dialogue with the client.

Let’s take a glimpse of Chatbots’ functions that would be really beneficial for your business:
-conducting surveys among visitors;
-consultation of potential buyers;
-receiving feedback;
-prompt provision of information during events and conferences;
-up-sell and cross-sell;
-after-sales support of the customer.

Remember: the Chatbot builds a dialogue on the given algorithm. To ensure that the conversation does not stop right away, give hints to the visitor, right up to the answer options.

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In addition to the points above the Chatbot has some unique features designed to create the Global coverage for your business;

-high retention rate;
-popularity among young people;
-reduction of company expenses due to staff reduction (Chatbot can replace employees of call-centre, customer-service, sales department);
-increase customer loyalty;
-increase in sales.

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If you talk about the amenities for your customers, these magic technical brains have something to offer them as well. Finally, your client won’t need to take some additional steps in order to communicate with your company directly.

The memory in the smartphone “melts” on daily basis and often adding a new application requires the removal of one was installed before. Sounds not so comfortable, isn’t it? All of us remember this irritating feeling of checking the messenger you never use to get the answer on the question from the firm.

No need to open and reopen it again and again waiting for the reply. Conversation with your client will occur in the messenger they would like to use to be in touch with you. All in all, Chatbots have huge capabilities. They can find the information, talk about products or services, issue an order for purchase, pick up pictures, answer questions and much more.

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So does your business need a Chatbot? In most cases, the answer is “Yes.” Robots are gaining popularity, just as in the past it was with search engines, social networks, messengers. Now automated intellectual assistants are mostly used by large players of the market. They are already accustoming their bots to the clients.

What does it mean for your business? The more you wait, the less a niche market is becoming, the more efforts you will have to put in the competition. Already today you can easily start working with the Chatbots. Use the tips from the article to create the best one to become a leader in your sphere and collect the cream.

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