Avoid Problems That Stops User to Become Customer – Increase Conversions

Diwali Conversions Wali

The whole team of your company is working day and night, but still, you can’t observe any rise in sales? Ask yourself whether you have chosen the right way to serve the clients.

It’s not a huge mystery all of us are becoming customers from time to time. Why not use the knowledge and experience gained in this role?!  Trust me, it’ll be easier to succeed. Concentrate on the rules and requirements personally you are guided by while deciding ‘to buy or not to buy’. Meanwhile, I’ll share with you my five main reasons why the users will never become customers. Ready? Here we go:

  1. There is either lack of brand identity or brand leakage
  2. There is no clear understanding of your product’s benefits
  3. The goods do not satisfy the needs of the clients
  4. Problems with the web page
  5. Items are not easily available for the customer

Now let’s dive a little bit more into this topic and decide, which solution each of the points listed could have.

Lack of brand identity or brand leakage.
Might be you created a brand, but it didn’t work out. There could be a lot of reasons for that. The main two: either you are doing branding by yourself or you hired the whole team of freelancers. Judging by my experience, good branding requires a lot of efforts, clear understanding (what, where, how to place), time and patience. Of course, the best option is to hire a company to do all the formalities for you. Still, have questions email us and get consultation absolutely free sales@wedigtech.com.

The advantages of the product are not obvious.
Buyers will never purchase a product if it does not have advantages in comparison with others. Take key values of your product, direct all efforts of your marketers to create a history around the product. There is no need to identify all the advantages it has, just two or three key points. And use them everywhere, all the time for advertisement.

Good don’t fulfil customer needs.
Philip Kotler, the main guru of contemporary marketing, is claiming that there is the main rule of successful business. You must meet needs of your customers. They simply don’t buy just because their key need is not satisfied. If you are sure the product you sale can do that, tell them how. Due to what? When they will understand and accept these points, there will no longer be any questions. They will go and buy.

Problems with the web page.
Always keep in mind your web page is your visit card. It should be done according to the latest trends. Every detail matters, just one mistake can cost you the whole ROI. I’ll give a brief.

  • UI/UX – The UI and UX Design of your page must be on the top
  • Proper Information – Don’t forget about the details. The lack of search capabilities, broken search or incomprehensible navigation instantly drives your customers off the site
  • Speed – Enhancing your site’s page speed will improve your overall UX
  • Mobile friendly – The last but not least important point is mobile friendly interface. All in all, your page should inspire the trust to your brand

Items are not available to the customer.
Let’s assume all the promotional activities are carried out correctly. Your client knows everything about the advantages of the product. Actually, he is ready to buy it. He is searching for it, but it’s not available – forget about the sale. The buyer needs ease of purchase. Any obstacles can frighten and make him go to your competitors. Here are a few tips on how to make your goods more available:

  • Convenient layout
  • Visible CTA (Call to Action) Buttons
  • Simple payment method
  • Fast & Easy Delivery

All in all, in major cases it’s not so hard to make your users – customers. There are some simple things you need to take care of: branding, popularity, awareness of your product, communication with target audience and availability. Work hard and you will achieve success. To get some clear picture with examples visit https://www.wedigtech.com

Team WeDigTech Wishes You All A Very Happy Diwali!


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