Wear OS – Can a New Name Change the Game?

Android-Wear is Wear OS Now

Here we are, watching a new marketing, hopefully technical as well, miracle happening with Google’s Android Wear. Might be you are wondering, what’s new.

Frankly, far less than we all were expecting…Nonetheless, at least some transformation is happening.

See you never Android Wear: Wear OS by Google or simply Wear OS is a new name for the Android Wear platform. Since only the name has been changed, it is not possible to talk about any changes in the OS itself.

If the operating system didn’t get any updates or improvements, what had been the reason to change the product’s name? Google claims that the new name “better reflects our technology, vision, and most important of all – the people who wear our watches.” Yes, everything is as simple as that.

Presupposed Reasons: A brief research and a little bit of a mental workout can give us few more reasons. The first is that the watch with Android Wear worked quite well with iOS. Presumably, in order not to confuse and/or scare users of Apple’s smartphones, it was decided not to mention Android in the title.

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According to another assumption, this is just one of the steps of a more ambitious process. Just a quick remind not long ago the search giant introduced the Google Pay brand, under which Android Pay and Google Wallet were integrated. Probably in the end the Android Pay brand will go to the past, giving way to Google Pay.

Just a Rebranding or ..? It seems to me, that Google wants to get a piece of this wearable devices pie that is currently all in the hands of Apple. Just in case recently the Cupertino Company sold more than 8 million devices on iOS. Whereas, many other smart watch manufacturers have abandoned the market. Why? There is no popular operating system that can be used for production.

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Might be the rebranding will help Google to successfully compete with Apple, personally I doubt on it. The speed of the changes in technology is increasing dramatically; if the corporation isn’t able to provide well thought out and developed solution it will be just a short spike of customer interest not more than that.

A Few Last Words: I have been working in IT for more than 7 years… I saw Rise and Fall of many promising companies, just because they weren’t able to cope up with the changes. The truth is one and undeniable: take care of your product, improve it, update it to fulfill your customer’s needs. What was working out today, might fail tomorrow. We are offering a wide range of IT services that can empower the growth of your company. Get in touch with us now.

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