How Apps can Prevent Distracted Driving Accidents

How Apps can Prevent Distracted Driving Accidents

We all are aware of the road accidents happening on daily basis. But have you ever thought what can be done to at least reduce the number of such sinister cases? Well, obviously we can’t change all the traffic participants’ behavior, but at least we can show the right example. First things first, let’s dive a little bit into the topic, to understand how digitalization can help us out in that.

What is the distracted driving?
Distracted driving is the occasion when a driver participates in an activity not related to the actual operation of the vehicle while driving a car or bike and this type of behaviour can have the sinister consequences.

Distracted driving actions increase the risk of accidents and can cause the major injuries for the driver as well as for the passengers.


The major reasons for the distracted driving.

  • Text messages;
  • Conversation on a mobile phone;
  • Using a mobile device to use the Internet while driving and browsing the Web;
  • Watching videos or movies or using entertainment devices;
  • Using social networks or self-learning or streaming video in real time.

I had an aim to draw your attention to the most harmful ones, but the list can be continued endlessly. Let’s see a brief statistics on these cases.


How many accidents does the distracted driving cause?
Keep in mind nobody wins from distracted driving. Here is the latest statistics. I would like to share with you. The number of the road accidents excided 3,151 with the 10% of fatal accidents and 18% of injuries. Sounds absolutely terrific…


What can be done?
Many people think that mobile phones are the major reason of such unfortunate cases. Nevertheless, with the development of the technology we are able to create another perception. How? The answer is simple – mobile applications. Yes, mobile applications.  

Mobile apps against distracted driving.
Not long ago WeDigTech team seriously started brainstorming the possibilities to give back to the society by helping to prevent car/bike accidents. As professional experienced developers we came to some ideas, I would like to share with you now.

  1. Be undistracted while driving : The application captures telematic data, which includes attempts to use the phone while driving and assessing the level of abstraction of the driver’s behaviour. These data can be viewed by the driver on the portal, can also be used as evidence of driver behaviour behind the wheel.
  1. Futuristic app to drive safe in the dark and in poor visibility: The app projects a road image on the car’s windshield, thereby warning the driver ahead of all bends. Everything is as simple as possible – for the functioning of the application plan the route and put the phone on the dashboard. For those who do not want to stare at all times in the hologram of the road, there are also voice messages with all the tips.
  1. Turn the phone into DVR: The app can free turn a smartphone into a full-featured DVR. In addition to directly fixing everything that happens on the road, the program also adds time, coordinates and speed to video. In addition, the application is able to recognize road signs and give advice to the driver – for example, to brake before the nearest pedestrian crossing.
  1. Drive save and get your treat: The app keeps track of the driving style of the driver by counting the distance, speed, whether he fits well in turns and so on. For achieving certain results, the application assigns points to the driver, which can then be exchanged for a discount.


Last words:
Initially I gave you the detailed examples of the apps to show, that technology isn’t the reason of distracted driving, we as users are. Let’s create the better future not only for us, but also for our families. Let’s drive safe and have respect to all traffic participants. If you are sharing my views, don’t hesitate to reach out and partner up. We are always glad to make a significant contribution to the society.


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