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“The Spa and Salon industry is heavily driven by repeat business. While their services (haircuts, manicures/pedicures, massages, etc.) are important and frequently sought after, the industry itself is extremely over saturated with somewhat identical competitors.”

Why it is important?

  1. So how do you differentiate?
  2. What makes your Salon a step above the rest?

The answer is simple – Innovate

By providing your clients with a mobile app you are not only going to show that you are ready for what’s next, but you will also give them exactly what they need – a technology that will make their lives easier. With a mobile app dedicated to your businesses you will unlock the power of customer retention and repeat business.

“The probability of selling to an existing customer is 60-70%. The probability of selling to a new prospect is 5- 20%” – Marketing Matrices.

This quote alone should tell you exactly who you should be marketing to, and what way to put in action than by using mobile app that is specifically designed to target and create these repeat customers.

What all it should cover? The Features
The app should be very easy to use by your customers and bring them back again and again to use your services with one touch experience with following features:

  1. Appointment Scheduling:  Mobile apps provide simple, clean and powerful calendar features that can help you to handle all your salon client’s bookings.
    Develop salon app
  2. Clients Management:  you can record and manage client’s data with detailed appointment history. Manage their contact details, future booking and feedback about your services.
  3. Bookings Management: Mobile app helps your potential customer to book an appointment online through your app and web. It will supercharge your booking system.
    Develop salon app
  4. Showcase Services and Products: Mobile apps can help you to take care of your sales transactions, and manage invoicing, receipts, taxes and product management.
    Develop salon app
  5. Activity Dashboard: with mobile app, you can track your and employee daily activities and never miss a beat.
    Develop salon app
  6. Invoice Management: No more headache of maintain hard copy of invoices.Develop salon app
  7. Staff Management: Keep yourself updated with your staff activities.
    Develop salon app

You can display your beauty product and services with rich content, images and videos with latest hairstyle and trends in beauty and massages.

Mobile apps help your customers to find out your shop via geolocation GPS indications features so no one will get lost to reach at your salon. Geolocate your salon, with GPS indications. No one will get lost to reach your salon.

Why I need it? – The Benefits
Online activity continues to shift to smartphone and everyday millions of app downloads. Mobile apps have become too important and excellent opportunity for your salon to discover new customers. It increases your revenue as you are open 24*7. It helps your potential customer to book your service anywhere & anytime.  Let me put some of the benefits of developing an app for your salon. Here are some of the benefits of having a salon spa Mobile App:

Manage booking effectively: An App provide a mobile based solution of booking so you can easily manage salon booking from anywhere, any time of the day or night.

  • Easy to handle and use booking wizard
  • Manage and control bookings easily
  • See who has paid online for their bookings at a glance
  • Easily send SMS and Email Booking reminders via your app.

Stop losing money from no-shows: You and your clients can save money by using automated SMS and email reminders feature of app. This automated reminder will reduce your no—shows.  

  • Send advance both SMS and email reminders to your clients
  • Automatic reminders about your service and product and offers save you time and money
  • Clients can reply to confirm their appointments booking.

Smartly Maintain client communications: Mobile apps can help you to maintain regular client communication. You can send SMS and Email to your targeted audience that drive more business to your salon. You can also send greeting of birthday and mirage anniversary, welcome message, survey message to your clients mobile.

Know your customer better over the priod of time: Apps help in real time reporting of your businesses. There are few type of report that you can generate.

  • Easily produce reports on sales,
  • Clients, staff, bookings and stock.
  • Sales reporting
  • Employee reports
  • Booking reports
  • Inventory reporting

Store important client information: Apps are very best tools for storing and handling client information regarding their skin, hair, body, birthday, last service time and date and their favorite coffee.

  • You can store full client history
  • Store client photos of treatments
  • Store client medical details
  • Save money and time of record no-show clients easily
  • Supports loyalty programs

Streamline transactions: It helps in streamline transaction of your business process including service charges, gift, refunds, sales of product, purchase orders, appointment cancel with a system that takes care of the hard work for you.

Manage staff and review performances effectively: Employee management become more ease with mobile app. you can get the better timesheets and bounces and generate reports of employee performance and productivity.  You can manage your staff sales and easily calculate their commission on the basis of productivity.

Why customers need it? – The Benefits
When you develop your salon app your potential customers will get benefits from your app. Result, your business will increase!

Here are few benefits of salon app from the user perspective:

  1. About the Store: Your clients easily get about your store information and can know about the history of your business. Your opening and closing time, charges of your services & products and your store address.
    Salon app developers
  2. View the list of Services: User can check the list of services that available based on cities. You can add it from back end and it will show the name and service image to users.
  3. Schedule an appointment: Users can easily book an appointment by selecting the date and time from app calendar.
    develop salon app clone
  4. Go thorough with the packages:  Users can see all the packages you offer
  5. Choose the beautician: Users can select the beautician from the list of available beauticians in the city store of your salon and spa with their rating and reviews. They can select them based on their need.  
  6. Push notifications: Send push notifications to your users about the schedule to confirm the appointment
    develop salon app clone
  7. Online payment: Economy becoming cash less day by day and your users can complete the appointment by online payment with debit and credit card.
  8. Redeem the promo code: You can offer new deals and promo code and discount directly on your app wall so your potential customer can receive the promo code discount and redeem it while booking.  
  9. Review and Rate: User can check review and rating before selecting the beautician profile. And also, can give review and rating about your store and employee services and work.

Ok, now how can I get such an app and for how much?
If you want to develop an app for your salon and spa and looking for an app development partner and know about the cost to develop a successful app choose WeDigTech as your mobile app development company in India. So, keeping everything in mind WeDigTech makes the best beauty salon and spa and wellness customer engagement app which will definitely get download by users and take your App to another level. Your own beauty salon app can cost you between $2000 to $18,000. Contact us for better app consultation and get your free quote now.

You can also call to know more about it: +91 99825 37912

Advantages of Developing your salon app from WeDigTech:

  1. No Coding Knowledge Required: We are the hub of skilled app developers that do this task in a better way so you do not need to know about coding.
  2. Multiplatform: We build apps for all mobile app platforms iPhone, Android and Window. Your app will be published on the App store and on Play Store.
  3. Profitable: We have app marketing team that know how to increase revenue and earn money by adding google Ads or monetizing in your app.
  4. Be on Time: We always deliver apps on time. And continually evolving in apps to adds new features and fix bugs so your app become more efficient for its users.
  5. We build customize App: We develop customize app according to your requirement and build customize module for future upgradation.
  6. Instant updates: If you want to add more feature after publishing your app on play store you can contact us we will change your app whenever you want.
  7. Fast and Easy: We build lightweight and ease to use app design with user friendly interface.
  8. Regular Update:  We involve our client in each phase of development so they can see how the app is process and look in smartphone.

I hope you enjoy the post. Please write to us if you are looking for a mobile app development partner. We build beautiful app and care about the look and feel of app so user love it and download. 


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