Google introduced a free library of 3D models for VR- and AR-projects

Google Poly - Library of 3D Models for VR & AR Projects

Google launched a new project Poly – a platform for searching and sharing 3D objects for development in augmented and virtual reality. The repository is designed to support ARCore Augmented Reality platforms from Google or ARKit from Apple.

Models are directly imported for editing in the VR environment. In this case, developers will be able to modify them and re-upload them to Poly – Google will automatically attach the new version to the original. The platform also is integrated with other tools from Tilt Brush and Blocks.

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Poly is available in both the desktop and mobile browsers. Google intends to leave the platform free – and it highlights Poly on the background of other repositories.

Recall that in October 2017, Facebook introduced the Oculus Connect conference wireless VR-helmet Oculus Go, working without connecting to the phone or a computer. Then the company told about the future launch of 3D posts. Users will be able to create objects in 3D, and then publish them in their news feed.

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