10 marketing lessons from Apple – How to create a brand that millions will be dreaming of?

10 marketing lessons from Apple

The company is among of the leaders in the modern IT industry. Nowadays the brand is recognized as one of the most successful in the world with the annual revenue totalled $229 billion for 2017[1]. Unlike most companies, its approach to marketing strategy is based on a different mindset that works out amazingly good. Let’s take a look at the principles that guide Apple in planning its marketing activities and remain successful for so many years.

  1. Simplicity: No flashy graphics or loud sounds. Not even a slight indication in advertisements where and how to buy their products. Instead, the products they are producing are speaking for themselves.
  1. Interaction with the product is a pleasure. Apple’s marketing wasn’t built on advertising alone. The main thing is the experience of interaction with the product. To bring new customers and make old customers return, the clients must like the product you make. That’s why in the Apple Store there are dozens of tables, behind which you can test Apple gadgets and feel what it’s like to be the owner of an iPhone, iPad, iPod or Apple Watch.

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  1. The atmosphere of mystery. Apple is a professional in this field. Regularly just before the presentation of new products they create a huge No direct Ad of the products, no features, no information. Just silence which increases the tension.
  1. Work with famous bloggers. Ask a popular blogger on Facebook to test the product and write about. It’s not difficult at all. As soon as it will be published, readers will be interested in the product and will order it to test.

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  1. User reviews. Apple is good at collecting feedback from the users. For example, a free trial period or sample product can be provided for a review that you’ll post on social networks or on the site. Make sure that each review is signed and next to it is the user’s avatar. If you have a product for the B2B audience – add a link to the client’s site to increase the trust rate.
  1. Focus on value, not on price. Apple never takes part in price wars. They hold on to their prices, even though they are much higher comparing to the competitors’ ones. The company can afford it because it communicates to the user the unique value of the product. Apple focuses on ensuring that the user enjoys the product – design, features, branded applications. All in all, their aim is an ideal user experience. No regrets on money spent.

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  1. Stick to a single line in all activities. Be consistent. Demonstrate to the audience that you can always rely on your brand and that you are really doing, what you promise. Look at all your marketing materials and make sure that they are created in one spirit and style.
  1. User experience, not just a product. Anyone can make a new product, but not for everyone it’ll be possible to create an experience that will be remembered by users. This is what actually makes customers come back and buy again and again. Tell the stories on how to use the product in the best way.

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  1. Talk to people in their language. In Apple communication, there is no place for terms and complex concepts that only confuse the user. Apple speaks to people in a language they understand without extra efforts. Learn what your potential customers write on social networks. Focus on the story about those aspects of the product or service in which customers are most interested.
  1. Appeal to emotions, not to ration. Apple users became the most avid evangelists of the brand because the company managed to reach them on an emotional level. In the Apple Ads you can see happy people with iPads and iPhones, and not a single word about the amount of gadget’s memory or battery.

Apple did a remarkable thing; they changed the world and the way we see the things. They don’t perceive us to buy, by looking at their advertisement we perceive ourselves.

The company invented the product that is as unique as habitual. Change the mindset of the users by creating a brilliant strategy in the digital space. Interested in doing a sucessful marketing or have questions? Email us and get proven marketing consultation absolutely free sales@wedigtech.com. We are glad to serve you.

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