Estimated costs of developing mobile app & advantages for business

Estimated costs of developing mobile app

Let’s be Honest – developing a mobile app is a costly process.

How much it will cost to develop a mobile app? is a normal question for us because we always asked by our every new client.

Relatively low prices and high quality works are what everybody wants for when it comes to spent money, it’s a human nature whether you’re from the UK, the USA, India, or UAE.

How we know this? because we are working in mobile app development since 2007 when first iPhone was lunch and developing iOS and Android applications for startups and established companies all over the world.

Remove this thinking from mind that a good app can be built in an afternoon for the price of lunch just because many mobile apps are free to download.

This world is increasingly depending on technology mainly on smartphone, you should consider to having mobile app in your business plan to grow and reach at your potential customers.

Prediction shows that online traffic will increase by 2018 and reached 65%. This led to high demand for mobile app development. By 2020 The mobile app market will hit $100 billion.

If you are planning to build an app for your business, you should first know the total development costs. Mobile app development is an agile process it takes time, specialization and cost.

Why does your business need a mobile app?

Because your competitor has mobile app, right!

Absolutely Right!

If you have a business website or mobile website, you are already a step ahead of those who are still not on the WWW. But if you consider to develop a mobile app, you could increase your business approach over your closet competitors.

Here are few advantages of building a mobile app for your business.

  • Improve accessibility:
    Today’s people spending more time with their smartphone and approximately 200 minutes with in apps. A mobile app will be the best way to access your business without to switch devices.
  • Enhances customer engagement:
    It helps us to engage with users in real time, easy to use and handle are important qualities for ensuring customer experience. It helps to build trust and stronger relationship.
  • Improve brand recognition:
    As we already told that mobile users are increasing day by day and spends more time with mobile apps. It is predicted that there will be 268 billion app downloads in 2017 and 68% of people report actually using the app they download.
  • Improve value proposition:
    With mobile apps, you can give discounts, usable information and real time support to your customers.
  • Presents another avenue for sales:
    The usability and accessibility of an app will encourage users to carry out transaction with the businesses rather than patronize a competitor who has a desktop web.

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Type of business apps to consider:
There are various type of apps depending on the type of different market. You can select according to type of your business.

  1. Basic functionality – It basically develop for improves the usability of mobile devices.
  2. Database- driven functionality– It mainly develop for to organize the files and program in database format.
  3. Games: Game development is more complicated processes inn app development.
  4. Modification– It design to improve the functionality of mobile devices.
  5. Fully Dynamic- This is data driven type app but depend on external information’s.
  6. Custom app– allow you to customize content in a specific way.

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It is very important that you must know the type of app you are going to build. It will help you to move faster and lower the risk involve in development.

The process of developing an app

We follow 5 step in app development process:

  • Developing the idea
    Once you decide the type of the app you need for your business, we start to shift our focus on developing the concept behind the application idea.
  • Functionality Layout
    In this stage, we develop and design the wire frame to show the functionality layout of app. you can give your feedback on how to design the app more related to your market.
  • Design
    In this stage, we design the screen of application. It includes both frontend and backend development. It involves customization of user experience, server side logic, management of users, data integration, caching of data, UI design and development, synchronization of data, and various schedules for testing.
  • Testing
    In this stage, we test all development phase, functionality of app. It includes unit testing, A/B testing and black box testing.
  • Going live
    Once everything has been checked by our QA team and ready by our software development team, your app can prepare to go live.

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Estimated costs of building a mobile app:

Once you choose the type of app you want to develop and identified your target market and customers, it’s time to select your platform. There are 2 main platforms to choose:

  • Android
  • iOS

What are the Difference between building app in Android and iOS?

  • iOS apps are less cheap than Android app and can be built fatly. While Android app take time.
  • iOS users, always spent more money than android users. If you can buy an iPhone than you can easily spent money on app purchasing this is why app developer develop iOS apps before creating for Android.

Your platform selection may depend on market you are targeting. iOS is more popular in US and Android lead the Asia, Africa and south America.

Team of Mobile app development:

  • Project Manager: handle the entire development process of mobile app.
  • UI/UX designer: design the looks and screen of mobile apps.
  • Coder: develop the functionality of mobile apps.
  • QA engineer: Test every stage of mobile app development.

The cost of this team depends on the type of your app. Simple apps takes less time we take minimum 10 weeks to build, with design and testing.

But complex app take around 6 to 8 month.

For Android Apps, cost ranges as follows:

  • Elementary apps: $3k to $8k
  • Standard apps: $5k to $10k
  • Complex app: $15k to $30k
  • High tech apps: $60k to $100k

For iOS Apps, cost ranges as follows:

  • iOS estimated cost: $5k to $8k
  • Simple apps: $5k to $10k
  • Database apps: $8k to $35k
  • Games: $10k to $150k

The following are some other costs to consider for building your app:

  • In-app purchase capability: $1k to $3k;
  • Web services: $1k to $5k;
  • Game center: $1k;
  • Share capabilities: $2k to $10k;
  • SDKs: $5k to $12k;

I hope you enjoy the post. Please write to us if you are looking for a mobile app development partner.

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