How Startups can Use Automation as a Growth Hack

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How startups can use automation as a growth hack?

What is Growth Hacking?

Growth Hacking compose with two words Growth and Hacking. Here Growth means increase and expansion. For example, if your online business earned $1 million in 2015 and then you earned $1.5 million in 2016 – that’s growth. And the hacking means effective and creative solution to a problem. Growth hacking is basically a way that startups companies use as an analytical tool to analyze growth for their businesses.

Here’s how Neil Patel defines growth hacking:

Growth hackers, using their knowledge of product and distribution, find ingenious, technology-based, avenues for growth that sometimes push the bounds of what is expected or advised.”

Who should use growth hacking?

If you think growth hacking is just for startups, think again.

Growth hacking is a one of the powerful marketing techniques that works not only for technology start-ups, but smart marketers of all kinds.

Who specifically can benefit from growth hacking?

  • Start-up business:
  • B2B marketers:
  • B2C marketers:
  • Content marketers:
  • Social media experts:

Growth hacking is one of the hottest terms to talked about market growth in the startup and marketing worlds.  Marketers sees it as a revolutionary way of building and accelerating startup growth, while others consider it a new word for marketing. Check out the Neil Patel’s guide to growth hacking that helped us to see how a growth hacker’s job differs from a traditional marketer’s job.

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We have worked with so many startups over the past year with the goal to accelerate growth of the business to their respective platforms.

Growth hacking is no easy feat and we have had a lot learning phase with the different startups in India and in United states that we have worked with.

That showed, I have also had a lot of successful client’s list.

Within this 3-minute article I am going to talk you some of the core fundamentals of promoting a startup using automation as a growth hack and outline some techniques that you can use to promote your own startup without spending a penny on marketing.

What growth hacking is not?

I want to share few words on about what growth hacking is NOT because I hear a lot of fake stories about it.

Growth hacking is not a magic formula or a few lines of code that you put in on your mobile app or website head to get millions of visitors or downloads overnight. If it was that easy, I would be Mark Zuckerberg, I would make a mobile app or web app in one day, put this code, get millions of downloads, sell the app and become millionaire.

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How startups can use automation as a growth hack?

Automate Sales:
Marketing automation can help your startup to automate main aspects of your sales process. You can welcome visitors of your website and apps users when they land on your home page, you can also automate email interactions to thank customers for their business, while also you can be following them after they have made a purchased and received a product. You can ask feedback to every customer via an email to collect more information from customers about your services.

Email your website visitors:
Email is one of the best ways to contact directly to your customers. How can you contact your website visitors, if they haven’t left their emails for you? There are number of marketing automation tools that allow you to use cookie matching integration with email marketing database providers to send personalized email messages to these website and apps visitors.

Social Media Posts:
Timing is everything. By using social media tools, you can create a schedule for posting a post on your all social channels with different time and date. you can identify the specific times of day that customers are the most prone to engage with your content.

Final Words:
WeDigTech can help you in grow your business with great apps growth hack. We are the expert in developing mobile apps for iOSAndroid,  and Marketing on all platform. We have made several mobile apps that were downloaded by millions users. Write us about your growth hack.


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