IBM Quarks – Open Source Development Tool for IoT

IBM Quarts

I keep my stuff updated all the time. Being in the IT industry, I keep myself up to date with number of technologies. According to me, this is something what IBM believes in.

Today, IoT is the most interesting topic to talk about. Windows, Google, Apple working round the clock for winning the crown of “first to introduce”. In between this, IBM (International Business Machines) has now introduced Quarks (open source development tool for IoT). IBM is very confident with its success. They believe, in future “Quarks” will offer a great assistance in developing effectual applications based on the internet of things (IoT) sensor data and will become a most trustable tool for developing IoT applications.

Quarks is actually a proprietary enterprise tool that collects large amounts of live data. A developer using this tool can take the live data records coming from device. It also provides the opportunity to develop applications which can be connected with devices for communication.

Currently, Quarks is just started its journey, IBM however is pretty much confident in building a community that will involve companies and programmers. The company’s goal is to make this tool a a standard way of building IoT applications. 

What’s Next.
We can consider that the release of Quarks as a long term strategic planning to turn the profits into doubled. As IBM has already submitted a proposal to the Apache Foundation that Quarks be considered as a development project so that it can move forward. However, IBM has to prepare some good strategies for Quaks. As IBM is not the sole company who is working on IoT. Likewise, some other well settled companies like CISCO are also trying to find ways to capture the IoT business.


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