Happy Republic Day – Let’s Create Constitution For Business

To survive in peace and harmony, united and strong, we must have one people, one nation, one flag”

A beautiful statement to make a nation united and to gear up patriotism.

We are excited to celebrate this big Day of our Mother Land, India and hope our Indian readers are also equally excited!

Here it is a short recap of What happened on 26th January? and why do we celebrate this Day. Wait! why an IT company is publishing such kind of post? Well to crack this  puzzle you need to read the post till end!

India was ruled by British nearly 250 years. However, even a rising sun has to set. The Indian Rebellion of 1857 became the first act to free India from British. India opposed the British East India and spark the fire of freedom. This rebellion was the India’s First War for Independence and on 15th August 1947 India became independent Nation.

“Changes call for innovation, and innovation leads to progress.”

Though India got the freedom but did not have a constitution at that time. Thus, it was a time to innovate a detailed constitution for the country. On November 4, 1947, drafting committee presented the constitution’s first draft to the national assembly. After taking the acceptance of assembly members, national assembly signed the final English and Hindi language versions of the constitution on January 24, 1950 which was implemented from 26th January 1950. This date was chosen as it was the anniversary of Purna Swaraj Day.

Dr Rajendra Prasad was elected to be the first president of India and unfurled our pride “national flag” which represents India. It is made of three colors Saffron at the top, White in the center with base of Green and a navy blue Chakra with 24 spokes. From that day we are celebrating it on every year.

 “You create your future by what you do in the present”

Our Republic Day represents how important it is to plan the future that leads towards the success. We have constitution for our country, it’s time to create for our business, services and ideas.  On this 26th January, create a constitution for your business and make it independent to serve the whole world. Sounds interesting but how to do that? Answer is, move your business towards the digital platform (Web/Mobile).

There would be No same hair, No same smell and the same day that we live every day. What is in trend now, will not be there forever. If not today, tomorrow you need to jump-in in this virtual world to keep afloat in the competition.

Thousands of ideas are being introduced worldwide. Millions of people surfing the virtual world about what exactly you are serving. An intense amount of opportunities are waiting. And what if I tell you that is just a beginning!

“It is not enough to be compassionate – you must act.”

Take the initiative and start move towards digital world with holding a flag name WeDigTech. Just like our Indian Flag, WeDigTech is also a combination of three colors:

Saffron= Skilled Team at the Top.
White =   Wonderful Logics at the Center.
Green  =  Goal Oriented Expertise for Business Growth.

“The afternoon knows what the morning never suspected.”

Discuss with us in present Mornings, how to expand business. So that your future will have great Afternoons. Meanwhile, Happy Republic Day from WeDigTech Team.

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