Want to Increase Online Sales? Build Your Brand’s Reputation First

What is Online Reputation Management - ORM

Build Brand’s Online Reputation:

“Google yourself. What do you see? Are you represented fairly?”

What do you mean by Brand ORM (Online Reputation Management)?

Online reputation management is a marketing technique of building strategies that shape or influence the user’s perception of an organization or individual. ORM helps drive strong faith and trust about a business and its products and services. ORM takes control over online conversation. It ensures that people finding the best and authentic product and services when they look online on the internet. Online reputation management can be one of the best tool of your company’s online brand then building on that brand in the search engines through social channels and other mediums that produce and disseminate content. It deals with everything related to your brand name in the online community.

Different people thing different about ORM some says it’s a just social media marketing, while others thing it has something to do with customer relations, and still others have no idea how it can help in branding of their business.

ORM is not a new trend from the last 5 years from small brands to large businesses all are implementing ORM in their marketing plan and strategy. They are spending time and amount to build a positive online presence in front of their potential customers.

But you have ever though how important it is to build a strong online reputation for your brand name. I know most of you would say we are doing social media and marketing so it does not matter what Google show when somebody searches your brand name.

But it is really so?

I would say No!

Whether you are a small shopkeeper, startup, big brand, it matters a lot what shows up when your potential customer googles about your services and product. Your ORM shows your achievement and satisfied customers reviews if there is a negative result with your brand name on the web. Now, you need two “CC” I mean character certificate to get more sales; one from your customer and one from Google and Bing.

Today about 60% user’s use search engine to research about brand information. Here are some of the top reasons that force people not to buy product based on what they found online about the business that they are looking online on the internet.

  • Low quality images and videos of products and services
  • Lack of Information about brands
  • Discriminatory and negative reviews and comments related to product and service.
  • Poor customer support skills

Apart from here are few more reasons why you need to Build Your Brand Online Reputation:

  • Today more than 60% of people like to see brand online presence and reputation before using their product and services.
  • Your business partner can refuse to work with you, if you have poor online presence.
  • If you are applying for loan of any bank, the bank authority might refuse to grant loan if they find anything inappropriate when doing a background check on you online.

How to Check Your Online Presence & Manage Online Reputation?

Just Google your brand name with your country specific google domain for example- if you are from India you can use google.co.in. Remember if you are in United Kingdom and checking the results at google.co.in, you won’t get the accurate results. Most people not bother to check beyond the first page of google. Don’t forget to log out from google accounts when you google your name. Make sure you check google images results as well, because negative images on your brand name can harm your online presence equally. You can use online tools to check your ORM. There is penalty of tools available in the market.

Easy Ways to Build Brand Reputation:

Start to make strong social media profiles – Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram because these profiles rank high in search results. Make some blog profiles like on WordPress, blogger, Weebly etc update then with quality content once in a while.  When you share brand image or logo online always use alt txt and title. Do some quality guest post outreach with your brand name. If you can’t control all this hassle, then it is better to hire a company or expert to push your online reputation higher in Google. Trust me, it’s not easy to build a brand online reputation in this competitive digital world. So be active and don’t wait for someone destroy your name. Act today and start focusing on your online reputation before any negative commotion happens related to your brand name. Need more information? Click here & let us know

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