Why choose AngularJS over PHP in 2018

PHP to Angular JS

You might have noticed the change in trend that developers prefer AngularJS over PHP these days. Why is it happening? What changed the preference? Let’s dig it.

AngularJS is a framework based on JavaScript whereas PHP is a complete programming language. Now you may ask why to prefer framework over a scripting language. So let me tell you that PHP is still used by the developers but is limited to only backend development.

These days, developers are more inclined towards producing better user experience and Javascript framework plays an instrumental role in producing a robust frontend development. The frontend is what a user sees in the first stance when visiting a website. The user interface, the graphics, the appearance of the website is what compiles the front end development.

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In order to explain the difference better, we would point out some drawbacks of using PHP for frontend development.

  • Heavy HTML Content
  • Server-side scripting
  • Static User experience
  • High dependency on back-end codes

However, AngularJS is considerably a better option instead.

Benefits of using AngularJS

  • Being a client-side framework, making the application faster
  • Easier programming as it has its own forms, variables, loops etc.
  • Continuous improvements as it is developed and supported by Google
  • Powerful, reliable, capacity to handle complex coding with ease
  • Cheaper as doesn’t involve much manual coding
  • Ease of managing lengthy codes with proper directories
  • Based on JavaScript which is browser native language and runs in the browser itself
  • Directly involves HTML through directives
  • Better for Single Page Applications
  • Clearly separates back end from the front end, hence easier to maintain
  • Facilitates better design patterns, less coding, fewer things to test, fewer bugs

AngularJS vs PHP

PHP is largely based on back end coding which depends on heavy server-side scripting. Data management like inserting, updating and deleting the data is easier with PHP.

PHP is still common among the developers but when it comes to presenting the product, AngularJS is more preferred.

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Treat it like AngularJS is the final touch on presentation of a dish, and PHP is all the efforts that are put into the making of the dish.

You cannot create a whole website without anything in the back end. As a developer you need both AngularJS and PHP to develop a good website.

However, as a user you will only be attracted to what you see, not in the efforts made to deliver that appealing output.

In this digital era, when everything is moving towards mobile application, single-page websites are in trend to provide the necessary information about the application.

AngularJS is the full-fleshed front-end development framework which facilitates the development of Single-page websites and applications with much lesser cost involved.

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AngularJS with a combination of PHP in the back end is a mind blowing combination for a super amazing website. For a developer, using AngularJS is time saving and it also relieves him from writing the long codes.

For a business owner, who is looking forward to having a website, use of AngularJS will only save their cost but the product that you will receive will be far better in appearance to attract the visitors. All you need is a professional team who works on both platforms and can fulfill all your requirements.

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