Why Choose India for Mobile Apps Development?

Why India for Mobile App development

India has a vast pool of skilled and talented technical human resources.

I am an Indian, and I look at the world and at business through the lens of my blue, white, black and red – colored glasses (metaphorically speaking – I really don’t wear glasses).

Did you know that 80% of UK and USA’s outsourcing firms have ranked India as their number 1 outsourcing destination?

Did you also know that 36% of scientists at NASA are Indian and if that’s not proof enough of Indian corporate prowess, digest this: 34% employee at Microsoft, 28% at IBM, 17% at Intel, 13% at Xerox, 26% in Facebook are Indians.

Bill Gates once said that if he stopped hiring engineers from India then there would be another Microsoft in India?”

I think this is enough to prove that how much Indian people are talented and technology expert, in comparison to other countries people in the world.

A large number of UK and USA based companies prefer to choose India for Mobile Application development because of its large number of skilled resources and high quality services at very low cost.

Today you can find at least 1 company in any country in the world that uses Indian mobile app outsourcing services.

I am going to list top reasons for choosing a right Mobile App Development companies in India:

  1. India is the hub to many Mobile app development companies that have achieved the ISO-9000 certification. Several of these companies are already listed in NYSE and NASDAQ.
  2. Indian Government has established IT parks, development centers. Indian government has an IT laws to facilitate the IT industry and encouraging investment in India.
  3. India has the huge technical and professional talent pool in the world. Indian IT colleges producing more than 115,000 outstanding IT professional annually.
  4. Cost Effective Services: Indian App development companies offer cost effective services. Choosing India for your app development can help you save more than half of your operating cost. I will say this will be number one reason most of the companies choose India for outsourcing their project in India. If a mobile app developer in the US and UK can cost from 50$ to 80$ per hour than the hourly cost in India can be down to as low as 15$ per hour.
  5. Time Zone advantage: India work 24*7 and never failing-never sleeping. This time zone advantage between India and US and UK be a good reason for choosing India.
  6. Indian mobile app development companies provide consistent high quality services. Indian companies use latest in software, technology, programming languages and infrastructure to provide global customer with high quality mobile apps.
  7. Last but not least India is a country with a very high English speaking population. India is a houses of some of the best technical award winning mobile app development specialists.

                  “Sometimes it’s right decisions which bring greatest changes in your life forever.”

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