5 Top Trends In Mobile App Development

top 5 trends in app development

In the recent times, mobile applications have become a part and parcel of our daily lives. Thus, once again, establishing the fact that ‘there is an app for everything’. None can deny that mobile apps have expanded their reach in our lives in a better and innovative way.

As per a report by leading online surveyor, it has been found that:

  •         Adults aged 25 and above use their smartphone nearly 264 times a day
  •         Moreover, youngsters aged between 15-24 years use it 387 times a day

This ascertains that the world of smartphones is at its pinnacle, and so is the inclination of mobile applications.

The rising market of applications witness iOS and Android applications gaining user attention at its very best. What’s more, it has been observed that Android application development market is enjoying larger user base, which is undoubtedly because of its larger customer base. So in order to stay updated with the latest trends in the app development arena, we bring you the best and the latest 5 top trends in mobile app development.

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AI ChatBots & Messenger Apps

The rise of IMs (Instant Messengers) and AI chatbots have secured an invincible space in our society. Users are getting familiar with more personalized means of interacting with the brands they use. Sighting the increase in user engagement, enterprises are joining hands with mobile app development companies to gather the attention of larger user base. The coming together of the two (enterprise and mobile app company) helps in delivering more personalized and high end experience to your target audience. Having a mobile app development for your business ensures a better space in the rapidly booming mobile app development industry.

Micro and Hybrid Enterprise Mobile Apps

The year 2017 is witnessing the evolution of businesses taking enterprise solutions to tablets, smartphones, and other wearable tech gadgets. As a result, the demand for proficient mobile app developers is at its peak. Be it large or small, businesses are acquiring top mobile app development agencies to get the task done. Moreover, there are all expectations that by the year end the demand for it will shoot up by 200 percent.

One of the reasons for this huge hike is possibly the low-code development tools, which are believed to take shape as the hottest trend in the mobile app development industry. The micro apps and hybrid apps supported by small UI reduce the overall development cost thus attracting the attention of top mobile app development companies.

First Choice: Android

Compared to close competitor iOS, Android has got a larger user base. With the attention of android app development companies, Android app developers are trying hard to get the very best of innovative solutions for the enterprises. Here, sighting the massive tilt of the users towards Android, enterprises are going for Android application over the iOS for their business mobility. Earlier, by the end of 2016, it was stated that about 53 percent mobile app developers opted for android app development over its rival iOS.

Accessibility Bonds With UX

Pretty less people must be aware of the fact that smartphones are used even by physically or mentally disabled persons. As per a survey in 2016, such people count up to a good 24 percent of the rest smartphone users. However, the catch is, there are very few mobile app development companies that are developing easy to access apps for the disabled users. But things have changed, and now there are many mobile app developers coming up with applications that deliver ease of access to the differently abled users.

The major contributor that has emerged here in this trend is Internet of Things (IoT), which carries our mobile apps part in our daily lives. Things like home automation systems, medical alarms, communication systems and many others have opened a world of new opportunities for this sector.

Augmented Reality Joins Utility Apps

Augmented reality and Artificial intelligence is here to stay and is slowly becoming an esteem part of our present and will rule the future. Although, earlier they were merely a part of fiction tales, however, they are getting themselves into the current arena. Today several mobile applications come incorporated with augmented reality and the numbers are only shooting up. Therefore, it is very important for the organizations to realize their usage and get benefitted with the advantages it offers.

The year 2017 is turning out to be a game changer for the whole mobile app development industry. So, if you are a newbie finding space in the industry, or a large enterprise looking to stay ahead of the competition, WeDigTech can help you get things done in an innovative way, as the apps designed by our expert developers carry all the latest and advanced features you might be looking for in an app.

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