Reasons for iOS App Store Rejection

iOS App Rejection Guide

Apple’s App Store is a tough cookie to crack. There are so many Mobile apps already available in Apple App Store. It is very challenging task for any Mobile App developer and users to get their app published. One of their review team member explanations is that with more than 1.2 million Mobile apps in the Apple’s app store, “We do not need any more Fart Apps.”

Waiting hurts. Forgetting hurts.” And I know as an App Developer launching a new app is always most stressful part because a new app is waiting for Apple’s approval and go through app store review team.

All Mobile App developers know that Apple app store review process is designed to keep the app store healthy and protect iOS users from low quality apps. And the system is works.

Apple has a clear message for iOS Application developers: Read the Guideline Manual.

So it is no surprise that so many Mobile apps get rejected on a daily basis. Based on my experience with submitting hundreds of apps every year as a WeDigTech’s app submission expert, I have a list of most common rejection reasons.

  1. Be Original, Be You and Do not copy the functionality of an existing app. It is okay to take idea from exiting one and improve upon it. If you copy an app, you will find yourself alone, I mean to say getting rejected by Apple.
  1. Boring and Copy Content: Yes just like Google Panda Apple also care about the content. You need to take care your app should not put your users to sleep. Boring and copy content always a big reason of your app rejection.

In Apple’s words: “We found that the experience your app provides is not sufficiently different from a web browsing experience, as it would be by incorporating native iOS functionality…”

  1. Crashes and Bugs: Yes I know as an Application developer Apps may have bugs. There’s no way around it, however, through a proper testing a bug can be identified and then fixed. Crashes and bugs in your Mobile app can cause app rejection. You should submit your app for review only when it is complete and tested on devices. Remember one thing if your app contain any major error or bugs that prevent the app review process it will immediately be rejected. Our Mobile App Developer always says that it’s working on my machine but we are not going to submit their machine to app store.  Test, test and test before submit it.
  1. Poor User Interface: Apple love good looks if your app looks like women without makeup do not expect Apple to give you the time of day. If you spoil designing guide you will get a slap on your face I mean to say getting apple rejection. 

In Apple Words:  Apple and our users places a high value on clean, refined, and user friendly interface.

Remember one thing here – “Beauty is not in the eye of the beholder; it’s a determination made by Apple.

  1. Lacking app Meta Data and misuse: If your app name, keywords and description and screenshots are not relevant to the Mobile App content and functionality will be rejected. Although the lack of app Meta data is easy to fix but always make sure to check you have provided the correct information and all link are working.
  1. Missing Privacy policy: Sometime we forgot to mention our privacy policy in our app. If our mobile app requires customer to register an account or login we must provide privacy policy in app or a link inside the app store listing otherwise apple will reject the app.
  1. Long load time: “first impression is the last impression” right! Remember, your app load time is your first chance to impress apple review team because in iOS the limit is about 15 seconds if your app is not running by then the Apple will kill it I mean will reject it.
  1. Linking to outside payment schemes: don’t do this. This is a guaranteed rejection. If you are using other payment mechanisms for digital content or app- payment, you can be sure it will be rejected. Do not try to take money without using Apple’s In-App purchasing API. Apple not allow any other payment API and this is the reason Kindle app does not allow user to purchase new books.
  1. Misuse of trademarks and logos: As I already said that Apple is very sensitive about the use of its brand. If your app using trademark material or apple icons or logos in your app this will cause automatic rejection.
  1. Forbidden labels: Apple reject apps labeled like “beta”, “test” and “demo” or “trail”. Some Mobile app developers submit their app for review with these type of labels.

If your app does get rejected, don’t panic — address the issue and resubmit. The best approach is to avoid rejection in the first place. So, study our blog post on submission guidelines and focus on building a high-quality app. Your users will thank you for it.

In Apple Words: Before you submit your app for review, it’s important to become familiar with the technical, content, and design criteria that we use to review all apps. We’ve highlighted some of the most common issues that cause apps to get rejected to help you better prepare your apps before submitting them for review. You can read more on rejection reason follow this link

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