5 Examples of Using Computer Vision

Computer Vision

Computer vision and image recognition are an integral part of artificial intelligence (AI), which over the years has gained immense popularity.

  1. Unmanned Vehicles

The largest stands with computer vision belong to the automotive industry. In the end, the technology of unmanned and semi-autonomous vehicles works, in many ways, thanks to computer vision.

  1. Personalization

In the future, thanks to the technology of face recognition, individual car settings will be much better.

So, in the concept car there are special cameras located behind the wheel. With the help of computer vision, the car can instantly determine the identity of the driver even before he sits in the car, and load his favourite musical compositions, adjust the chair to the desired position, adjust the temperature and so on.

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  1. Interfaces

Technologies for tracking the movement of the eyes using computer vision is used not only in gaming laptops, but also in ordinary and corporate computers, so that they can be managed by people who can not use their hands.

Meanwhile, gesture management continues to develop (computer vision technology that can recognize special movements by hand).

  1. Household Appliances

Expensive cameras that show what’s inside your refrigerator do not seem so revolutionary anymore. But what about an application that analyzes an image with a camera built into the refrigerator and tells you when you run out of certain products?

The elegant device is attached to the refrigerator wall and can determine when the expiry date expires, tell what exactly is in the refrigerator, and even recommend recipes for dishes from selected products

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  1. Cameras

Basically, computer vision is used in cameras – so there are more and more intelligent cameras with new abilities that exceed human capabilities.

We predict that soon the computer vision will be applicable in all spheres of our lives. Meanwhile, if you would like to be on the top, you have to apply the technology before your competitors will do it. Would you like to know more on computer vision? Reach us and get your consultation absolutely free.


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