How to accelerate your sales with Machine Learning


Every day dozens of letters with different stocks come to potential customers. They do not use these suggestions, because they are not interested in them.

According to the Email Tracking Report, 63% of recipients receive irrelevant content. The problem is not even in the analysis of the target audience, the quality of the database and content. Of course, this is important.

Nevertheless, during the lifetime our preferences change dramatically and it’s quite hard to track them down if you are person. But if your are machine it’s easier than A,B,C. Let’s see how Machine learning can accelerate your sales.

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The amount of data about users who are currently being collected cannot be analyzed manually by a person. That is why machine learning has appeared. Its algorithms simplify and speed up the work of marketers, but do not replace it.

For machine learning to work properly, you need to set a business task for it, first transferring it to a computer-understandable language, and to determine the data that is needed for further use.

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We apply machine-learning algorithms

Let’s talk about what you need to do to machine learning to increase the conversion from the mailing list.

Collect data:
With the help of machine learning methods, user data is collected.
Depending on the product that the target audience uses, collection scenarios and data characteristics change.

Segment your audience:
After the machine identified the users of the site, it divides them into narrow segments. They contain people with similar behavioural characteristics.

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Send letters:
We have user data that are accurately segmented, there is content created by marketers. The machine automatically generates mailing lists for a letter with a specific offer and sends a letter at a time when a person usually reads mail. The management of content in mailings occurs through intelligent algorithms.

If the user has other methods besides the e-mail address, the algorithm will select the preferred communication channel.

Analyze the result:
The results surprise us so far. Thanks to machine learning, we get a much higher conversion, while the number of emails sent decreases.

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Conversion is the main goal. Its increase entails an increase in the company’s profits. On the way to achieve this goal, the following tasks are solved: collection and enrichment of user data, segmentation, personalization of  communication with everyone, building the Customer Journey Map, increasing CTR.

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